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Neuros Technology | Products: LINK, OSD, Tablet | Developers

Welcome to the Neuros Technology Wiki, a collaborative online resource for sharing information, ideas, and experiences regarding Neuros products that anyone can edit. For more information about the nature of this site, go here.

Please note that this Wiki can be modified by any registered user, and so information here cannot be considered official Neuros communication.


Developer & Open Source

Portal: Developer Welcome

The Neuros community is working on a few projects:

  1. The Neuros LINK, a device for bringing internet video to the TV
  2. Texas Instruments Davinci DM6446 based OSD2.0 Platform, a HD capable open video recorder is also actively being developed.
  3. Finishing the first product based on the Texas Instruments DM320 Platform, the Neuros OSD.

Recent Developments

Head here if you're interested in what's current with the Neuros community -- major announcements, community meetings, hot newsgroup/IRC topics, or any other rapidly changing information. You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds from there, to be always on top of all Neuros open source news.

The Company & Policies

Company General Information

Neuros Beta Programs

The Gamma Program

Company FAQ

The "Worthless Junk Sale"


Recent News and Press Sightings

Reviews of Neuros Products

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Neuros Jargon

Tutorials on Putting Video on PSP, iPod, Smartphones, and others

This wiki is user updated and the information here cannot be considered official Neuros communication

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