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How to put video onSmartphones with the 3GP Converter 0.34 software:

The process here is not much different from using other converter software, but is not guaranteed to work with any particular phone, as many have different sets of compatibilities and technical capabilities. This software is a free alternative to other choices, but doesn't include much documentation, and it's in japanese.

3GP Converter Info & Download page (Japanese)

Necessary Components:

  • Mobile or Smartphone
  • 3GP Converter Software
  • MemoryStick Pro/Duo, Mini-SD card, or CF card (and any necessary adapters), or data cable for phone (512MB+ recommended)
  • Source Video

Step 1:

  • Download and set up the 3GP software. It is availible from this link, and luckily apparently does have an english setting. After downloading and unzipping the file, run Setup.exe. It will bring up a window with a bunch of gibberish, you should look toward the bottom and select English (or your more preferred language) in the drop-down box. Next, in the menu above, select the most appropriate codec. There is a small set of model-specific presets, and if you have one of those devices, select it. Otherwise, the 'General:3GPP+AMR General Setting' preset is a good bet. Hit Apply.

http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/images/8/87/3GP-PSP-Step-1.png http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/images/0/00/3GP-PSP-Step-2.png

Step 2:

  • From here the process is fairly intuitive. The main converter window opens, and you will be presented with a drag-and-drop field for your video to be converted, a drop-down list where you may be able to select audio quality settings, framerates, or resolutions, a Browse button to select the output directory, and a greyed out progress indicator. First, select your desired quality setting. This will be up to you. The settings vary in resolution, framerate, video bitrate, and audio bitrate. The most appropriate choice for each of these will vary with your preference, but more importantly the maximum capability of the phone you want to play video on. Determining the best setting here might take some experimentation.


Step 3:

  • Now, select an output directory. Make sure you remember this as you'll need to find the file later, in order to copy it to your phone.

Step 4:

  • Now, find the video you'd like to convert and drag it to the Drag and drop files here section. The software will begin to encode the video.

Step 5:

  • You should find a new video file in the directory you selected eariler.

Step 6:

  • Now, either connect your phone via USB or insert your memory card into your card reader. Copy the video file either to the memory card or the phone itself, using the appropriate procedure for the given model.

Step 7:

  • Either disconnect your phone from the PC or put the memory card from the PC into the phone. On the phone, navigate to the video and test it. With any luck, you're now watching your converted video on your smart or mobile phone! Enjoy! If the phone refuses to play the file for some reason, check the following:

Make sure you've used the right codec. Some phones won't play WMV, others won't play videos with .MPG extensions, and so on. If you're sure of that, make sure you've used a compatible resolution. QVGA may not play on a phone with a QCIF-resolution screen. Last, if you're sure that the resolution is right, you should check both the audio codec and the bitrates chosen. The video may have exceeded the maximum capability of the phone. Also, some phones don't support AAC, others might not support MP3, and so on. If you're having trouble with the format, check the manufacturer's website, and if there are any, user forums on your phone, which may be a good resource for resolving these problems. Good luck, and enjoy your video!

Time: ~25 minutes

 * Free
 * Many options for output format
 * Download site is in Japanese only
 * Readme is in Japanese only
 * No Help files
 * No support
 * No way to be sure the file will play without testing

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