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How to put video on the iPod with the 3GP Converter 0.34 software:

The process here is pretty similar to the rest of the video conversion software with PSP presets on the market. One difference is that the software is not specifically designed to accomodate PSP users, but it is a free alternative to other video converters suitable for the purpose. Also, it helps if you know Japanese.

3GP Converter Info & Download page (Japanese)

Necessary Components:

  • iPod
  • 3GP Converter Software
  • Source Video

Step 1:

  • Download and set up the 3GP software. It is availible from this link, and luckily apparently does have an english setting. After downloading and unzipping the file, run Setup.exe. It will bring up a window with a bunch of gibberish, you should look toward the bottom and select English (or your more preferred language) in the drop-down box. Next, in the menu above, select Model:MP4 for iPod.

3GP-PSP-Step-1.png 3GP-PSP-Step-2.png

Step 2:

  • From here the process is fairly intuitive. The main converter window opens, and you will be presented with a drag-and-drop field for your video to be converted, a drop-down list of quality settings that are compatible with the PSP, a Browse button to select the output directory, and a greyed out progress indicator. First, select your desired quality setting, by bitrate. This will be up to you, depending on how picky you are. The settings here vary by bitrate, except for the highest setting, which is at 544x416 resolution, rather than 320x240. Again, it's up to you.


Step 3:

  • Now, select an output directory. Make sure you remember this as you may need it to add the file to the iTunes library later.

Step 4:

  • Now, find the video you'd like to convert and drag it to the Drag and drop files here section. The software will begin to encode the video.

Step 5:

  • You should find a new .MP4 file in the directory you selected eariler. 3GP Converter uses the same output filename as the input file, so be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite your original.

Step 6:

  • Import the new video file into iTunes.

Step 7:

  • Connect your iPod Video, sync the iPod or let it sync automatically, disconnect it and enjoy your new movie.
Note: this software has been given a cursory test with an iPod and seems to work fine. Please report any problems you find.

Time: ~25 minutes

 * Free
 * Many options for output format
 * Download site is in Japanese only
 * Readme is in Japanese only
 * No Help files
 * No support
 * Input file format may be incompatible

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