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Q: I see there are beta testers on the forums, etc. How do I become a Neuros beta tester?

A: There are two types of beta programs: Hardware and software and within software there's closed and open source. The open source software is open and available to all for download. Although, not our preference, while we work to migrate all the software to open source, you will notice that we still have considerable closed software in many of our products. We typically make beta software for those devices available to the public as soon as they are available.

For hardware beta testing we offer the Neuros Beta Program. It's an invitiation only beta testing program for new products.

Q: Neuros is supposed to be an open source hardware company. Why aren't all your products running open source software?

A: There are really two reasons for this. The first is that there are a great many partners that contribute to the production of our products. There are factories, middleware providers, codec providers, etc. There are large amounts of outside IP that goes into these products that are not developed by the device manufacturer. As a result, there's a considerable amount of work required to replace that proprietary code with open source code. Ironically, Neuros is actually not that much different in that regard to 3rd party open source groups that hack the devices without the factory consent. Although we sponsor and encourage the hacking of our devices, it's important to remember that we are only one part of the supply chain that get's these devices built.

The second reason is simply time. We believe that it's better for us and our customers to get products to market quickly so that we can develop new features, modify hardware and advance the technology in response to our customer feedback. Often our wishlist for new features has just as many hardware modifications as software modifications. Thus we feel it's better to get that feedback sooner, rather than wait for a complete transition to open source before releasing.


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