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Formed as the result of a spin-off from Digital Innovations, in December of 2003, Neuros was formed with the mission of building leading edge media devices around three pillars: Innovative features, openness, and community.

Since spinning off from DI, the company released a second version of its Neuros Digital Audio Computer, as well as the MPEG-4 Recorder, 442 PMP, and the Neuros OSD.


What makes Neuros Unique from other Consumer Electronics Companies?

An Embrace of Open Standards

This means that you can expect recordings generated by Neuros devices to be playable virtually anywhere you want.

Instead of inventing some ridiculous proprietary gadget for the sake of being proprietary, you can expect us to embrace standards in our components and hardware. We want to support as much 3rd party interoperability as possible. Lose your cables or power adapters? We want to make it possible for you to buy replacements anywhere.

An Embrace of Open Source

See Neuros and Open Source

Official Support for the "Hacking" Community


Tired of being a subject of "planned obsolescence?" Tired of buying a product only to have it suddenly be obsolete only weeks later with no warning? Neuros' product development is all out in the open, so you can avoid those surprises.

A Focus on the Details

We believe that a user's enjoyment of a device is the culmination of a huge amount of details. Its not enough just to get the major functionality right and to innovate new applications. It's the details that you'll deal with every day that will make you love or hate your gadget.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us or drop in anytime:

650 W. Lake St. #330
Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: 866-5-NEUROS (0018665638767)

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