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Most if not all of Neuros-developed code will be released under an OSI-compatible license, such as the GPL or a BSD-like license. However, we are licensing code from Ingenient Corporation, and that is closed-source. This prevents some applications, such as the Rockbox application, from using those libraries directly, and may also prove important in determining the development of Neuros Technology's own software. This page will serve as a discussion and summary for licensing issues, and as more definite information comes in, will become a guide to working through the thorny issues accompanying the use of Ingenient's closed-source code in open-source applications.

Until more information becomes definite, however, we advise you to read this thread from the Neuros-DM320 group as well as "Thoughts on GPL and Linking" and "GPL and Linking" on OdNT. The basic conclusion is that, like Linus, Neuros is allowing linking between our GPL code and proprietary code, but we won't use any code (GPL or otherwise) where the authors won't allow it. Neuros believes this follows letter of the law as well as the spirit.

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