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Neuros Developer Resource


Getting Deeper with Neuros Development

This is Neuros Developer Resource area. Here developers can learn about the internals of development for languages and software used in the official Neuros Firmwares. Information ranging from lua scripting to the best C++ practices.

Setting Up Hardware

Guide to the code

A guide to the Neuros OSD source code exists, currently for the OSD1 only. It aims to explain the different parts of the code and repositories, and shed some light on the workings of the build process.

Guide to the code (Arizona)

Neuros GUI

The Neuros GUI is aiming to become very user configurable over time. This section is dedicated to API and usage of the Neuros GUI in order for developers to use the applications already included on the system.

Modifying Menu System

C++ and Qt

Neuros uses C++ and the Qt-Embedded 4.x toolkit in developing the user space applications found in the Neuros device firmwares. While there are plenty of tutorials on the internet in regards to basic C++ development and excellent documentation found at link for Qt4, there are always topics that seem to be vaguely covered if even mentioned. Here we want to layout some common design patterns and methods for developing C++ and Qt4 libraries and applications based on what we have learned with real world experience on our hardware.

Binary Compatibility with C++ Libraries

Qt4 makes binary compatibility look simple. Some would even say that binary compatibility is a given if you develop with Qt4 libraries. However, if you are are developing custom libraries then binary compatibility is not automatic. Learn more about C++ Binary Compatibility and develop libraries that keep binary compatibility.

Signals & Slots in Qt4 Plugins

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Kernel Level Api

U-Boot Scripts

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