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How to set up the Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder 2

With Easy photo instructions

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting your R2 hooked up and ready to record.

1. Connect Power

2. Connect AV-Out to TV

Connect the audio/video output on the Recorder 2 to your TV's audio/video input. This is optional, the Recorder 2 will work even if you don't have it connected to a TV. You might want to do this if you have it set up to record on a schedule and don't need to use the setup menus.

3. Connect AV-in to Source video

Connect the audio/video input on the Recorder 2 to your DVD player, cable box, or whatever device you are using.

4. Insert the memory card

Make sure that the metal contacts are oriented correctly - in this case they should face upward.

5. Turn on the R2, check your setup

Use the remote to turn on the unit. Before you go further, make sure the R2 is connected to the TV, the video source (here a DVD player) is connected to the R2, and everything is turned on and ready to go.

6. Switch the TV input/channel to select the R2

Make sure you have the right input or channel selected, when you do, the main R2 screen should appear:

7. Select your recording quality

Once you are on the recording screen (use the arrow keys on the remote to go up to the Recorder menu, then hit the enter key). Once in the Recorder Menu, hit the menu button (looks like two overlapping windows). Here you use the arrow keys to select your recording resolution and quality. Once the recording resolution and quality set, press the return button on the remote.

Directional arrow and Enter buttons       Menu button          Return button

8. Get your source ready then record

Once you get your source cued up, hit record. The screen will show you that recording has begun. It will go black for an instant then return to normal.

9. Wait for the recording to finish

Let the video play through. Check the front of the R2 unit, the red light means it's recording.

10. Turn off the R2 and remove the memory card

If the recording is all done, shut off the R2 by hitting the power button on the remote, and gently remove the memory card.

PSP users only:

1. Take the memory card and put it into the PSP

2. Navigate to the video folder and find your video

That's it!

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