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During this period where the LINK is so rapidly evolving (which I suppose will probably go to perpetuity given how flexible the device and how prolific the community is). It makes sense to have a manual (of sorts) for those unofficial (or not yet official) features.


Migrating the firmware to a HDD

There's four pages of discussion on the forums on this, but actually it really seems that the easiest answer is simply to use the instructions on Restoring_the_Neuros_LINK and restore to a hard drive. After that you can use a partition tool to expand the partition to the whole drive. You can find instructions for doing this here The four pages of instructions on the forums really needs to be distilled.

Viewing Netflix Streaming Content on the LINK

Netflix works on the LINK using MediaMall's PlayOn Software (requires a Windows PC on your LAN)

Reimaging the software on the LINK

Typically the software on the link is updated automatically, but there are some updates that require flashing the USB key entirely. Restoring_the_Neuros_LINK is a page that gives instructions on how to do that.

Getting optical audio working

This forum post gives instructions

Getting an optical drive working

Instructions need to be consolidated, first you need a low profile dvd drive (make sure you have all the necessary cables and connectors) and forum thread gives instructions in the meantime.

Misc Tips and Tricks

Selecting Boot Device

Thanks to Greyback for figuring this out. If you hit F8 multiple times on boot, it brings up a menu that allows you to choose which device to boot from. This can also help if the LINK is getting confused upon boot if you have an external HDD plugged in.

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