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Neuros.TV is a free service that allows you to find, organize, recommend and share Internet TV and video content. It is a key component of the Neuros LINK, but for those users who already have a Home Theater PC (HTPC), it can be used on its own as well. Please visit for more information.

How do I use Neuros.TV?

There are two ways:

  1. The Neuros LINK: The Neuros LINK optimizes the experience of Neuros.TV for your TV.
  2. Desktop/laptop: Visit to use it today.
  3. Home Theater PC: Point your Firefox web browser to The service is free to use.


Neuros.TV on the Neuros LINK today is optimized to better support the LINK and its 10-foot viewing experience, in the following ways:

  1. The Neuros.TV Firefox theme is set by default, along with the Autohide extension to further enhance fullscreen browsing
  2. The Neuros.TV Search Plugin to enable easy search of TV shows, movies, and other video files
  3. Specific browser plugins to enable better full-screen viewing
  4. Other system-level enhancements



Gray = complete. Green = in progress.

Timing Feature Details
April-May Browse
  • Browse details
  • Complete (for now).
Firefox theme
  • Neuros.TV Firefox theme
  • Complete.
URL generation (simple share)
  • Build a URL for copy/paste sharing
  • Complete.
Integration of 3rd-party providers
  • Framework: complete.
  • Hulu: complete.
  • Joost: pending.
  • Megavideo: pending.
  • CBS: pending.
  • WB: pending.
  • Others: pending.
Firefox Autohide extension modification
  • The Autohide extension is a good start, and currently preinstalled with every LINK.
  • However, we want to modify it as follows:
    • If the user is on URL *, keep the navigation bar hidden until the user rolls to the top (current behavior)
    • Otherwise, show the navigation bar at all times in fullscreen mode.
  • When a new announcement needs to be sent to all users, Neuros can insert a message into the database with an expiration date
  • When a user logs in they are shown all messages that they have not yet seen and have not yet expired
Better filtering and increased speed
  • Current filtering of full-length shows is not great on Neuros.TV, and search results take a reasonably long time to populate
  • Improve both filtering and speed by introducing background caching of third-party results into system
  • Community contribution
    • Video no longer available
    • Video is a clip
    • Video not playable in my region
  • Shows sometimes go "off air" or are not full episodes like they appear to be
  • We want users to be able to notify the database
  • Question: how do we bring a show back "on air" if the content owner puts it back online?
    • Possible solution: reinject show every so often. If users kill it, it disappears again.
Seasons/episodes context
  • Search results are great, but we want to see our results in a season/episode list!
  • Preliminary design ready
My Shows
  • Subscribe to and unsubscribe from shows
  • Track which shows you haven't yet watched
  • Potentially use elements from as a seed for ideas. (Thanks cfranzen!)
Enhanced User Profiles
  • There are people behind those usernames! Let's let some of it show!
  • Multiple people in a household may want a different username per person - enable easy switching
Filter specific providers
  • Users are returned results from all providers, but may not be interested in for-pay providers, geo-constrained providers, etc.
  • Enable users to filter which providers they are able to see in search results


This section consists of a selection of ideas that may make their way into the roadmap. Please contribute your ideas and comments below, post them in our Neuros.TV forum, or email them to jshah @AT@ (this company's domain name).

Contributed by Feature Details Links
JoeBorn Twitter on the LINK
  • Twitter is a great short-message communication platform
  • However, not everyone wants to see everything you have watched through your Twitter feed
  • Perhaps we need a way to specifically indicate the shows we want to send through Twitter? Like, part of the Browser navigation bar?
Genkitty Edit/lock metadata
  • "Video tagging is, in some cases, horribly muddled. It's especially apparent with House. I'm more than willing to help with tagging videos/shows, if only to flag mis-labeled shows."
  • This really is around editing and locking metadata. We expect direct integration of 3rd-party providers and move to Season/Episode Context to solve a vast majority of these problems. However, there are still the problems of:
    • Shows no longer available
    • Wrong show metadata
    • Show does not play in a given geography
    • Show does not play on a given device (e.g. shows on the LINK)
    • Show is just a clip
    • And, how do you stop malicious/incorrect metadata edits?
  • Contribution/indexing of non-US TV shows
  • Related: Geo-filtering
  • "Is there a way I can feed you information or you can document the process so I can get my wife's acceptance of a living room computer up? Ideally, I should have a quick link to the current episode. Obviously, I will have to look through CTV's site a bit. For that matter, is there a way to identify what information I need to feed to start to build"
  • Ability to easily add non-US shows/seasons/eps to the database
  • Ability to easily add non-US videos to the database for a given show/se/ep by means of a link
  • Ability for semi-trusted sources to "push" new shows/seasons/eps/videos via RSS/REST that are culled from content providers
Reshma Browse by channel
  • Users want browse to be more than a list of shows. They want to browse by channel (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) also.
  • Enhance Browse to allow browse by channel.
  • Add a "not free" indicator
  • Filter by "free/not free"
  • Some sites (Amazon Unbox, iTunes) are not free
  • Neuros.TV needs to indicate this in some way.
  • Add community tagging features (a.k.a. " for Video")
  • Allow users to create "channels" (lists)
  • Enable users to add tags for existing videos and add new videos to the database.
  • All videos must correspond to a show/season/episode, as we aren't trying to catch general purpose video clips etc.
  • Allow syndication via RSS so other applications can easily access the "channels"
  • Requires Enhanced User Profiles, so a user's tags can be associated with them, and so a user can modify/edit their own tags.
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