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Below are a few images of the Gamma version of the Neuros Link (taken by crweb)

Link gamma casing 1.jpg

Link gamma casing 2.jpg

Link gamma casing 3.jpg

Link gamma casing 4.jpg

Link gamma casing 5.jpg

Images of the front panel (taken by j. random user):

To remove the front panel, first disengage three plastic tabs at the top. Carefully push the top of the front panel forward until the top tabs have cleared the front of the metal case. You should be able to see the three bottom tabs through the gap. The tabs can be released by pushing down on them one at a time with a long thin flat-blade screwdriver; some people have successfully released the tabs by pushing down on the entire front panel, or by lifting it up and pulling. It is not clear to me what method the case manufacturer intended.

This image shows the tabs just after they have been released and withdrawn from the metal case:


A better view of the three bottom tabs:


A side view of the bottom tabs. Note that the nearest tab has already been bent downwards by the application of excessive force during earlier attempts to remove the front panel:


Reasons people have for opening the case include: adding RAM, a hard disk, or a slim DVD drive; swapping out CPU and/or fans; removing wi-fi card when not needed.

If you modify the contents of the case in any significant way, make sure you mention it if you request help from the community or if you want to discuss performance.

Note that the case exhaust fan supplied is a 60mm slim model, only 15mm thick. If you want to replace it with a thicker model, you might have to modify the case. If you replace the fan with one that is more powerful than the CPU fan, you will suck dust in through the many holes in the case, bypassing the air filter.

Some RAM sticks are too tall to fit in the Link unless the DVD bracket is removed.

If you remove the wi-fi card, make sure to cover the opening in the rear panel somehow to prevent entry of foreign objects. Apparently nobody sells blank panels that will fit.

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