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This is the Neuros LINK Community Home Page. Part of the Open Internet Television Platform, The Neuros LINK is currently a Gamma Level Product, an internet media player focused on bringing internet television to the television with hardware and the free Neuros.TV service. Product specs and user level description can be found at the Official Neuros LINK Page The Wiki pages are intended to provide an interactive document for community experimentation and hacking.

General Information


If you are interested in hacking Neuros products, and want a general introduction, see the Neuros Developer Welcome

The Neuros LINK uses a modified version of Ubuntu Intrepid (being upgraded to Karmic Koala) so its easy to find information about the base system

Additional information is shown in a software block diagram


We're just in the process of compiling a list of Neuros LINK Projects many of which may mature into Bounties once we get some units in the field

Community Involvement

There are practically as many ways to get involved with Neuros as there are Reasons to get involved Theres the Neuros LINK Blog including the Neuros Gamma Launch November 19, 2008. We have User Forums, user contributed FAQ, a mailing list and the official neuros twitter

Community Developed Gamma User Manual

During this period where not all the features have been officially covered, here's a partial compilation of tricks and hacks any self respecting Gamma superuser will want to know:

The Neuros LINK Gamma User Manual

Neuros LINK Status

There are still some rough edges, but the device's capabilities at launch exceed conventional electronics linking the TV and Internet. By building on the mature base of open source software and making use of the rapidly evolving free Neuros.TV service, it has comprehensive playback support.


  • Adobe Flash 10:

This covers the vast majority of video sites, far too numerous to list by name,

  • Downloaded Video

the range of codecs and files it'll play are too numerous to mention and up to 1080p resolution. Under the hood, the Neuros LINK runs some of the most robust mature video playback software around, including mplayer 1.0rc2-4.3.2, vlc 0.9.4 and xine 0.99.5

  • Firewire Streaming: (Many cable/satelite set top boxes and DVR's are equipped with firewire, allowing a device such as the LINK, to control the tuner of the STB and recieve the broadcast for viewing and changing channels all via the firewire)

Instructions here work for the LINK v1.1


  • Online: Flickr, Kodak, Picasa Web
  • PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Raw up to 16 megapixels. Most image formats supported.


  •, Pandora,, Shoutcast streams
  • MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, WMA & More


Logitech Dinovo Mini Keyboard
  • The Dinovo Mini keyboard is a thumb driven input device that works with the Neuros LINK (Dinovo Mini is not included with Neuros LINK).
  • Mass Storage: basically all kinds of mediums and formats are supported, external HDD, and thumb drives, formated FAT32 or NTFS
  • External DVD or CD-ROM drives

Technical Specifications

Please see the Neuros LINK Technical Specifications for more details.

Restoring your Neuros LINK

Instructions on how to restore your Neuros LINK to the latest image can be found here.

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