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The Neuros Open Internet TV Platform is a system designed to facilitate the free and open transmission of video through the internet directly to tv sets without requiring a PC. In other words, the vision of the Neuros OITV platform is simply to bring the freedom of the internet to the living room while maintaining a simple, easy to use tv experience that's accessible with a remote control from the couch.


This is the service that Neuros provides

  • aggregates video content for search and browsing
  • Allows Neuros users to communicate with one another using either device (or with PC users)sharing recommendations, etc.
  • Service with public APIs that allow 3rd party content providers to become a part of this search and aggregation system
  • Service can be made available to other 3rd party devices

Neuros Linux


1st version of Linux for OSD 1.0, nearly end of life, uses Neux Toolkit and NMS media framework


2nd version of Linux for OSD 1.n, based on Qt and NMS media framework


v3 (1st version for OSD 2.n hardware) based on Qt and VLC media framework

OITV Applications


A web interface to access the device functions through the web server. It enables you to control your OSD as if your PC's web browser were the remote. It also provides links to media (for streaming and downloading), with a security token as part of the link. See also Web_interface


Shark is an application for sharing files using the OSD. Shark sends a message either to another OSD or to a PC notifying that a file is available for downloading (or streaming) that's hosted by the OSD.


This is the application that helps to present and manage incoming files and messages from multiple sources. May prioritize downloads, differentate between different sources, find duplicates, even filter spam if this becomes a problem.


nTube is a pluggable browser that allows a unified presentation for media from multiple different sources (both from remote servers as well as locally stored. See also nTube FLV Browser

Neuros "products" (hardware)

OSD 1.n

Curently in production as a retail product, see Neuros_OSD for more information.

OSD 2.n

Developer Kits being released in July 2008. For more information see OSD 2.0 HD Platform

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