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How to put video on the PSP with the Neuros R2:

The Neuros MPEG4 Recorder works like a digital VCR for the PSP. With Neuros Video Recorder, you no longer have to buy pricey UMD movies, or go through lenghty conversion using a software on your PC.

Connect Neuros Video Recorder to your video source (DVD player, PS2 and Xbox360, Cable Box, etc...) insert a Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo in the recorder, and simply hit record. you will be able to create copies of your favorite DVDs, record live TV, movies and all your favorite TV shows. Once the recording is done, insert the MemoryStick into the PSP and enjoy the show.

About the R2 Thumb-neuros recorder ii.jpg

Necessary Components:

  • Sony PSP
  • Neuros Video Recorder 2
  • MemoryStick Pro/Duo (512MB+ recommended)
  • Analog video source (TV, DVD, Tivo, etc.)

Step 1:

  • Set up the R2 to record. Connect the unit to an analog video output (AV In), and connect the R2 output to a video input on your TV if you'd like to watch what you're recording. (For more detailed instructions see the Recorder 2 user's guide, link below.)

Step 2:

  • Use the remote to navigate to the Quality settings menu and choose your resolution and quality setting. The quality is a matter of taste and amount of storage available. For the PSP, the QVGA or WQVGA resolutions are recommended. WQVGA will clip part of the image if the source is not in 16:9 aspect ratio. To start recording, hit the record button on the remote.

Step 3:

  • Once the recording is finished, power off the R2 and remove the MS card. Move it to the MS slot on the PSP and power on the PSP. On the PSP, navigate to the video folder and open your video.

Specs and technical info: The Neuros can output a few resolutions and quality levels that are supported by the PSP.

  • QVGA - (320x240) 384 kbps, 768 kbps, 30 fps (29.97)
  • WQVGA - (368x208) 384 kbps, 768 kbps, 30 fps (29.97)
  • Audio is recorded at 128 kbps AAC-LC

Note: WQVA is a lower resolution than the PSP's native 480x272, because Sony elected to limit MP4 playback on the unit to this maximum. Without adding modified software to the PSP, users are limited to a maximum resolution of 368x208 for 16:9 playback.

The recorder will automatically record to the correct folder on the Memory Stick, so the file can be accessed from the PSP without additional formatting.

Time: ~3 minutes

 * Can use any video source, including TV, DVD, Tivo
 * Extremely simple, goes directly to PSP without additional conversion
 * Content is not limited to pre-existing digital files, can use any video you own
 * All file formatting issues are handled automatically
 *Must encode in real-time

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