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About the Name

The naming of the Neuros is somewhat confusing. As Neuros Technologies International, LLC., is commonly referred to simply as "Neuros", and their line of audio-focused players are called "the Neuros" in conversation (as opposed to the Neuros Digital Audio Computer, or something equally unfortunate). Visit the "discussion" page to start a discussion about how you think this should be fixed; but for now, just know that it will typically be "Neuros Technologies" for the corporation and "the Neuros" for the player.

At A Glance

Who It's For

People who are passionate about their music.

The Neuros is targeted at people who care more about their music than the casual listener. This doesn't specify a degree of *technical* competency; those who have no interest in messing with settings can pick it up and have a blissful listening experience without ever touching anything but the volume. But those with a clear vision of how their music should be played will find that the Neuros line will satisfy their urge for their own settings.

To a lesser extent, the series is targeted at musicians, music professionals, sound engineers, and so on. Although the player is primarily a consumer device, the player has been designed with extensibility in mind; with easy-to-produce software updates and USB 2.0 Host support, the newer Neuros players can also be a powerful choice for those needing to record and even edit one or more channels right on their personal audio player.


The set of features on Neuros series players are determined by balancing the needs of portability, price, and feature richness. We would, of course, like to include every feature ever in a titanium-cased, iPod Nano-sized powerhouse, and charge only shipping and handling, but considerable market research has shown this price/performance ratio to be "uncommon." The player is primarily a portable music player targeted at consumers, and design considerations follow. (...)

For more information on the specific features of a device, see that device's individual page.

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