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OSD 1.0 Firmware Versions




TORFU is the original firmware that was being developed at the time of Neuros OSD 1.0 hardware release. Since a change to Qt4 split development into two branches TORFU support has been stopped. However, the Neuros OSD 1.0 hardware life was extended by the Arizona firmware.


  • Nano-X
  • Custom Nano-X GUI toolchain named Neux
  • Full working GUI system including applications such as Recorder, PhotoViewer, Youtube, Media Player, etc.


Arizona is the latest firmware receiving development focus. Arizona's goals where to eliminate the need for 3rd parter developers to learn the complexities of the Neux customized toolkit. The GUI toolkit was changed to a standardized toolkit by Trolltech called Qt4. Applications were completely rewritten from scratch but still maintained the same look and feel as the TORFU firmware making the transition as seamless as possible to users. Worthy of Noting here that Arizona's application suite was finished in a little less than 6 months, where the custom Neux toolkit and applications where still under heavy development over 1.5 years after being released.


  • Trolltech Qt 4.x GUI Toolkit (Qt-Embedded 4.4.0 as of July 2008)
  • Custom Qt widget libraries for developers to obtain same look and feel as Official Apps
  • Full virtual keyboard systems
  • Full working GUI system including all the applications in TORFU while maintaining same look and feel
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