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    See also Bugzilla_OSD for more information.

NOTE: Because the "developer boards" are really just an advanced version of the OSD, this page was moved to "OSD Ideas"

NOTE #2: This list is directly from the community without much direct input from Neuros itself. For a more short-term list of priorities from the viewpoint of the internal Neuros team, see OSD Roadmap & History.

See also, OSD projects list, which is an attempt to capture a list of projects in various stages of development.


Video Teleconferencing Device

Hook a cheap webcam up to the front, and a TV to the back and you can use your TV as a video conferencing device. Well ok, there's more to it than that, but still a neat way to connect with the grandparents who aren't quite up to Skype yet. Besides, using a TV would be better to sell hello to a room full of folks...

A (Internet-)Streaming Device

  • You could use it to watch the movies/listen to the music stored on your PC or streamed in live via the internet.

It could be also a way to create your own internet radio/TV Station (with a HD attached it could be a good server for media)

  • It could also record and stream real time like a Slingbox (TM) type device for watching TV remotely through the internet

Music Server and Internet radio

With a LCD display the Neuros OSD could be both a Music Server and Internet radio (no need to switch on TV)

I guess the serial port could be used for a serial LCD display ?

Google: Serial+LCD+Display

See a simlar device: Squeezebox

A small, reliable webserver

Just that. As this does not consume much power, it could do this in addition to the previous point and thus provide an interface to control the streams and provide some additional pages (i.e. a Blog or a Wiki)

The webserver could also be used to configure Neuros OSD, and for OSD 1.0 Ideas#Installation_of_new_features

A home stereo audio player

If it sounds as good as it's supposed to (or if you can support external DACs), I plan to try building a home stereo media player based around the NeurosDM320 platform. With the exception of the Olive machines (olive.us), no media player out there is designed to work with a non-video stereo system (i.e., they either require a TV for display or a server to stream files from). I've wanted one of these for a long time.

  • With a wireless (WiFi) PDA, you could get a Sonos (TM) like experience out of it, creating playlists on the fly, etc.

Work is already underway on this one. See "Build your own Music Server with the OSD"

Podcasting Alarmclock

If I find the time, this is going to be my first project. I would love to have an alarm clock that wakes me up to podcasts (NPR or whatever) I can be on my schedule instead of theirs, and I can skip the stories I'm not interested in and save the ones that I am interested in.

Video/Audio Podcast/RSS reader

Something like the way Amarok works for audio podcasts and the way miro/democracy player works for video podcasts. Both are open source products, having miro added into the OSD would give users a large selection of video channels that would download automatically while they were away. Then simply watch them when you like. This would be the same for audio of course. It would be important to have a gernal page were you could set the generic location for audio files and also a generic location for video, but also a per podcast location. Naturalblue

Video/podcasting "conduit"

It takes video and audio podcasts and puts them on an SD card for viewing/listening on the bus or whatever. Easier than using your PC, particuliarly if you want to listen with your cell phone and don't normally sync your cell to your PC.

A Rugged weatherproof, crashproof, PVR for recreational use

Imagine strapping the NeurosDM320 complete with ruggedized housing, built in bullet cam and audio feed to the underside of a skateboard, the chest pad of a sky diver, endless possibilities for a recreational PVR. Custom rugged casing, low power consumption and large SD (Pretec 4GB) memory capabilities brings unbelievable a/video experiences. We built a handheld PC before using PC104 technology but could not keep it alive long enough because of power consumption. We can't wait to get a DM320. Build it, publish it, they will come.......a new real life entertainment system! SIGN US UP!!


It could be a good direct-to-edit recorder if given firewire and the ability to record dv25, similar to the Firestore from Focus Enhancements. Without firewire and dv25, it could still be good, if there was a way to control start/stop from the camcorder - and if the MPEG-2 quality is good enough. I occasionally shoot for The Weather Channel, and they want video uploaded as MPEG-2 - I could save a lot of time by not having to capture and compress the video.


DigiCam Video Converter

Many digital cameras have passable video recording. The problem with them is that all current cameras record in wasteful formats. When you take your camera on the road, you have no options for recording much video, other than copying to some archival device. It'd be sweet if the N3 could be used as a video converter for this purpose, re-encoding the video from a flash card into MPEG-4 on the HD. I wonder how fast it could go in this case?

MythTV Front End

One of the hard parts about MythTV setups is that you need a big noisy computer next to each TV you want to watch on. An embedded device would be a great way to view content from a central system. Or you could feed video to the central system for storage. Instead of needing a stack of receivers connected to the central system you could stream video from each receiver. eg. I have 3 Dish Network receivers connected to various TVs in the house. I could potentially record 3 different channels at once, if it were possible to coordinate them.

DVB-T /S /C /H Receiver

I guess the USB port could be used for a USB TV dongle ? Or even several with a USB HUB ?

I guess CF or SDIO cards also could be used.

Google: Linux+USB+DVB+driver Wikipedia: DVB

A Real Internet TV Receiver (for youtube, google video)

See my Blog "Grouper Video Sponsored by Axe Deodorant"

I'm tired of all these horse-poop "IPTV" set-top box ideas that are nothing more than running the same cable content through IP. It's little more than some kind of cost reduction project for the cable companies (or some such). How about a simple, automated way to watch peer created internet video on the TV? Not some inferior PC derivative, but something that's as automatic as your typical set-top box and works with a remote, but allows you access to video from the internet or home video from friends and family, etc. Now that would be something.

I've taken a stab at a first version here. Srobertson

An online games system

Just an idea, but there are lots of games for linux, so maybe a system to play games against other OSD users. Any simple online games like chess or so at first, but after a while the games could get more elaborate. A online chat facilty would be nice aswell or atleast an irc client that connects to an OSD irc channel. Naturalblue

Installation of new features

How is packets handled today in Neuros OSD ?

Take a look at how Packages are handled with ipkg via web interface in the OpenWRT variant http://x-wrt.org/

Could this be implemented in Neuros OSD ?

see examples:

Add & remove Packages with a click:

Packages installation

Install & uninstall new Packages with a click:

Packages installation

The only thing I'm missing here is the size of each package, and that this is checked with avaialble flash before install.

HW Wishes for next OSD

To be able to select music and radiostations without switching on TV.

  • High-Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI

Or at least higher output resolution to support HDTV

  • For either WiFi, TV, ...
  • 2 or more USB host
  • For Memory stick, External HD, TV card, WiFi, ....
  • External HD
  • Conax (Smart card ?) interface

I asume this is the encryption system to be used in Norway

  • Interface for Cards used for other systems (SAT decryption)
  • External USB box ?
  • Internal DVB-T/S/C/H tuner card

If you want anyone in Europe to be interested in this you HAVE TO have this. In Finland for example there are NO analog TV-channels anymore. [1]

  • ...

Add/edit/comment this list to meet your wishes

GTivo like Application

GTivo is a Linux based GUI tool written with the Gnome/GTK libraries. It can be used to view Television Show details and extract tyStreams (TiVo proprietary media streams) from a network enabled TiVo device. This proposal is to create a similar application that runs on the Neuros OSD using the Neuros UI framework.

Weather Applet

Utilise Yahoo Weather XML Interface (like many other applets do) to provide Weather Report for your region.

  • Option to select up to 5 destinations
  • Quick link to switch between them
  • Button to expand to full weather report from snapshot

RSS/XML Feed Reader

  • Read RSS Feeds in an easy-to-navigate manner

Song Lyrics

  • Show lyrics for currently playing song

XBMC Connectivity

  • Provide interconnect ability with XBOX Media Centre

Live streaming of video

Similar to SlingBox. What I have in mind is a web server which serves up a page with an embedded streaming video. You should be able to stop, restart and change channels all from the web interface. It would be nice to offer a virtual remote control, with access to all the keys.

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