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There are a number of projects in various stages of development ranging anywhere from rough proposal phase to completed. The intent of this page is to try to centrally list projects and capture information about their status. Low level details of each project are not captured here. Instead, at least one link should be provided.

Hopefully this list encourages people to participate with others that have started down a project path. But don't be discouraged to explore another direction or propose new ideas and implementations. There can and will be overlapping projects (actually there already are).

It is also worth noting that Neuros is offering "Cash Money" Bounties for various projects.


Yellow Supported by fulltime Neuros devs and/or

expected to be included in official release

Gray Not yet an officially-supported feature


Projects in development

Samba Client (for Windows shares)

Developer(s): Crweb works with ongoing enhancements to support more Windows shares (2007-01) Links: blog
Summary: Implements a small (as in flash usage) solution for Samba client to discover Windows XP servers

Windows Network File Sharing - NAS

Developer(s): Crweb
  • Released in custom firmware.
  • No security, device simply shares Media cards and USB drives.
  • Requires more testing
  • Firmware release based on Neuros Official firmware, no modifications except NAS added.
Links: Files and Instructions
Summary: Implements Windows file sharing server for OSD to act as a Network Attached Storage device. Currently due to readonly file system there is no security, and 'media' is the only share accessable.

Wireless via USB WiFi dongle

Developer(s): Ron, Nerochiaro
  • RT25USB-SRC-V2.0.7.0 driver from Ralink is successfully ported and reported to be working with an ASUS WL-167G USB dongle (2006-09-27)
  • Ongoing work to clean this up and port to additional chipsets
  • Testing needed for official release and for Neuros bundling of dongles
  • Not working well enough to support YouTube (a worst case scenario)
Links: project page
Summary: information to easily use the ASUS WL-167G on your OSD, but also gives enough information for everyone who wants to port another driver

FTP Server

Developer(s): Crweb
  • it works
  • no security


Links: project page, blog
Summary: a simple FTP server

Online Video

Contributor(s): Srobertson, Daurnimator, Anders
  • Xiamen team has enabled Google videos to play (2007-01-30)
  • Youtube FLV files now play, thanks to Anders
Links: proposal, blog, blog
Summary: browse and play video from... YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, MetaCafe, etc.

Electronic Programming Guide

Contributor(s): Nerochiaro
  • Nero has some ideas that will be published shortly
Links: EPG_Design
Summary: A TV Guide type interface to browse and select shows for recording.


Contributors: Anders Nerochiaro
  • XMMS2 is supported as the official audio client
  • as of Nov 07: still needs dbase and streaming, last.fm
project page, wireless clientblog, blog
Summary: an audio player with a modular framework and plugin architecture for audio processing, visualisation and output. XMMS2 is the next generation XMMS which is the hugely popular Winamp clone for Linux and UNIX-like operating systems.

Virtual Machine dev env

Contributor(s): Crweb
  • scratchbox/VMWare based build environment (2007-01-28)
Links: project page, blog, blog
Summary: provides a simpler environment for developing user level applications (as opposed to kernel or core Neuros core system level) by using Scratchbox and only the prebuilt rootfs libraries, and headers from the kernel and Neuros core system

OSDMain/Cooler Refactoring

Contributor(s): Mgao
  • Gao has started work
  • Discussion underway, suggestions pouring in, see links
Links: blog
Summary: In parallel with evaluating alternatives to Cooler, we will improve OSDMain and Cooler to make them more hackable and ultimately speed the transition to a new GUI platform if and when that happens.

C54x TI DSP Port

Contributor(s): Chreekat? Links: discussion
Summary: port GCC to the c54x line

Multilingual UI support

Contributor(s): Nick (Xiamen Team)
  • ongoing development in Xiamen, April Release expected
Links: NA
Summary: Project to bring multilanguage support to OSD, and implement Chinese for starters

Picture/Slideshow Support

Contributor(s): Eyu (Xiamen Team)
  • ongoing development in Xiamen, April Release expected
Links: NA
Summary: Full featured picture viewer

OnScreen Video Editing

Contributor(s): Eyu (Xiamen Team)
  • Need Specs, examples, April Release expected
  • NateTrue had an automated commercial remover, which could be of interest.
Links: NA
Summary: An on screen editor for editing out commercials, or cutting short clips from files

Lobster (Lua Bindings)

Contributor(s): Nerochiaro, Daurnimator?
  • not recenty updated to match current API, but easy to fix (2007-Jan-28)
Links: project page, blog
Summary: a library written in lua to make it possible to use the neuros API (both widgets and media) from lua scripts.

MPD - Music Player Daemon

Contributor(s): Sitwon, May1937 got libao and mpd running (2006-09-14) Links: blog
Summary: Control music playing through your OSD from a remote computer

QT GUI platform

Contributor(s): Crweb As of October 2007 The internal team has taken on the project of migrating the entire UI to QT in a software overhaul codenamed "Arizona" Links: blog
Summary: a GUI platform alternative to the current Neuros platform (Nano-X, Neuros-Cooler, and OSD Main)

Enlightment GUI Toolkit Libs (EFL)

Contributor(s): Nerochiaro
  • Libraires build and work ok, you can make stand-alone apps.
  • Some work still needed for navigating among widgets.
  • Prototype cooler wrapper/replacement library in the works.
Links: source code
Summary: A project to bring Enlightenment GUI toolkit libraries (evas,edje and etk) to the OSD. An API-compatible replacement for Neuros-Cooler (nicknamed "Freezer") is also in the works, but too early for release yet.

X11 Server

Contributor(s): Nerochiaro Jan 2007: barely starts up, video resolution problems. Links: Project page Discussion
Summary: Running a true X11 server on the OSD, so that we can leverage the large app base already written on top of that

Player Testing

Testers: Pgunn Kelly n/a Links: OSD Player Testing
Summary: Methodical testing of playing of media by the OSD for various firmware versions

Tivo Home Media Engine (HME) Simulator

Contributor(s): Khill In Planning Phase. Links: None Yet
Summary: This simulator would allow the Neuros OSD to leverage other applications that have already been built with the Tivo HME (see http://tivohme.sourceforge.net/?page=screenshots and http://www.apps.tv/ for examples) including some Tivo HME apps that I am currently writing.

Kernel Porting

Contributors: Turran Work in Progress Links: ProjectKernelPorting
Summary: This project's idea is to make closed source drivers open and also make open drivers follow Linux APIs.

Web Interface for Scheduled Recordings

Contributors: MattJ prototype as of Nov '07 Links: Blog
Summary: Using the web interface to change channels and remotely schedule timed recordings

PC Interface for Scheduled Recordings

Contributors: Bagster prototype as of Oct '07 Links: Forum Discussion
Summary: Using a Computer to remotely schedule timed recordings

Automated Script for Bringing Recordings into iTunes

Contributors: Bagster November '07 Prototype stage Links: Blog
Summary: Script for automatically bringing new recordings into iTunes for syncing with devices, etc

OSD into OpenEmbedded

Contributors: gremlin February 2008, beginning Links: OpenEmbedded
Summary: Add support for neuros OSD machine into OpenEmbedded, the final (far from become) target is to build neuros OSD firmware images with OE and use it as an easy way to add and develop new software.

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