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It's useful to know what kind of media the OSD can play. Testing on a wide variety of media types will help the project improve the player components.

Please check the official website for codec support: Playback codec supported

Detailed information
WrapperAudio CodecVideo CodecResolutionOSD Firmware RevisionGood/Eh/Bad/OtherNotesIdentifier (not externally meaningful)
AVIMPEG Layer 3 128Kbit stereoXVID 204kbps608x2723.28-0.73BadVideo very bad, Audio not synced looks like interlacing problem Thimuru
AVIMPEG2/3 32000Hz stereoXVID 608kbps544x4163.31-1.17GoodLooks goodpgunn-2006_whitehouse
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 112kbit stereoMPEG1 990kbps320x2403.31-1.17EhGetting about 4 frames per second for video, audio okpgunn-AOB-LID
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 224kbit stereoMPEG1 1150kbps352x2403.31-1.17EhInconsistent but poor frameratepgunn-Anas
AVIMPEG2/3 48000Hz 128kbit stereoDIVX 1200kbps720x5763.31-1.17GoodScales properly in 3.31-1.17, looks goodpgunn-AN-Ch
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 128kbit stereoMPEG1 1065kbps320x2403.31-1.17BadPoor video frameratepgunn-Aq-Ba
MOVAAC 32000Hz 64kbit stereoMPEG4 Video ?kbps320x2403.28-0.69GoodLooks nicepgunn-BR-LAB
MOVAAC 32000Hz 64kbit stereoSorenson Video3 ?kbps320x2403.31-1.17BadWill not playpgunn-Balance
AVIMPEG2/3 44100Hz 128kbit stereoDIVX 760kbps480x3203.28-0.69GoodLooks Nicepgunn-Bass-Bot
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 112kbit stereoMPEG1 792kbps320x2403.31-1.17EhPoor video frameratepgunn-Beas-Int
MOVAAC 44100Hz 128kbit stereoApple AVC1 ?kbps700x3943.31-1.17BadCompletely fails to play, plays first clip in directory insteadpgunn-Bouncing
AVIPCM Audio 352kbit monoCinepack Video 548kbps240x1803.31-1.17BadCompletely fails to play, plays first clip in directory insteadpgunn-Cat-Ceil
AVIMS ADPCM 11025Hz 89kbit stereoXVID 1106kbps720x5763.31-1.17BadCompletely fails to play, can lock audio device irrecoverably in 3.31-1.17 (regression)pgunn-cor-cat
AVIMPEG2/3 22050Hz 64kbit sereoDX50 500kbps384x2883.28-0.69GoodLooks very nicecou-0101
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 224kbit stereoMPEG1 1150kbps352x2403.31-1.17EhVideo bitrate is a bit lowpgunn-dal-saad
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 224kbit stereoMPEG1 1150kbps352x2403.28-0.69GoodVideo bitrate occasionally lagsdan_pow
AVIMPEG2/3 32000Hz 224kbit stereoFMP4 1000kbps320x2403.31-1.17GoodPlays properly in 3.31-1.17dar
MOVaLaw raw audio 176kbit monoRPZA ?kbps300x2003.31-1.17BadCompletely fails to play, plays first clip in directory insteaddinos
MPGMPEG2/3 44100Hz 128kbit stereoMPEG1 500kbps320x2403.31-1.17BadVideo badly out of syncdoka-mar
AVIMPEG2/3 44100Hz 96kbit stereoDIV3 928kbps512x3843.28-0.69GoodLooks nicedr-en
MOVAAC 44100Hz 128kbit stereoSorenson ?kbps480x2703.31-1.17BadCompletely fails to play, plays first clip in directory insteaddres-coi
WMVDivX2 32000Hz 32kbit stereoWMV3 ?kbps320x2403.31-1.17GoodLooks nicefall
WMVDivX2 32000Hz 32kbit stereoWMV3 ?kbps320x2403.28-0.69GoodLooks nicefash
ASFDivX2 44100Hz 64kbit stereoMP43 ?kbps320x2403.28-0.69GoodLooks nicefas-ge
AVIMPEG2/3 44100Hz 48kbit stereoDX50 248kbps320x2403.28-0.69GoodMenu system doesn't like Unicode filesystems, but plays fineСпл-Вых
AVIMPEG2/3 22050Hz 56kbit stereoDX50 416kbps300x2403.28-0.69BadAudio fine, but the video is mostly garbledzel-spe
AVIMPEG2/3 48000Hz 128kbit stereoXVID 1927kbps608x3363.28-0.69GoodLooks niceth-gam
AVIMPEG2/3 48000Hz 128kbit stereoDIV3 821kbps640x2723.28-0.69GoodLooks nicet-gir
AVIDivX2 32000Hz 32kbit stereoWMV1 ?kbps320x2403.28-0.69BadFails to playsu-in
AVIMPEG Layer 3 128Kbit stereoXVID 162kbps512x3843.28-0.88BadNo Video, but audio works fine sadiekiller
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