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Telnet is a communication protocol and a program you can use to connect to the system that runs inside your OSD. From telnet you can issue various commands that control it, you can also access the file system, and any storage devices connected to the device.

If you are not familiar with the Linux shell, there are guides available.


Telnet to your OSD

Find your OSD's IP address

  • On your OSD, navigate to Tools > Settings > Network. Your IP address should be listed there.

Open a telnet window


  • Open a console
  • Type telnet and press enter


  • Start->Run...
  • Type into the box: cmd
  • Press Enter
  • Type: telnet
  • Press Enter

Telnet to your OSD

  • Type: open x.x.x.x (whatever the IP is)

When prompted, enter the login details:

  • login : root
  • password : pablod (default password since 3.33-1.32, no password needed on previous firmware)

Note: You can change the default root password with the passwd command.

Do stuff

Running command line applications


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