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Neuros has developed (and continues to develop) an infrastructure that allows outside and internal developers to work together in open source fashion. This cooperation isn't limited to just software development but allows you to participate during hardware development as well. Here is the list of the projects at Neuros.


Active Projects

These are the currently active projects where Neuros is focusing resources. These have an active and growing community and is where most OSS developers are most likely interested in joining.

Neuros OSD2.0

The Neuros OSD 2 is the next generation of the OSD supporting High Definition Video with new expansion options. The first developer boards sold out in July '08. Developer kits are expected for release end of August 08. To Pre-order, or for more information, see the Store

Neuros OSD 1.0 User Page (previously Recorder III)

The Neuros OSD is the farthest along of the neuros open source products, in the market since its developer release in September '06. It's an open, multimedia set-top box that can record and playback video like a digital VCR as well as connect to your network to stream video, audio and photos to and from your network and the internet.

If you are an user interested in the OSD, please look at the Neuros OSD User Page

If you are a developer interested in hacking on the OSD, please look at the OSD 1.0 Developers Page

Planned Projects

These projects may or may not happen, and their specifications are still wildly subject to change.

442v2 User Page

The Neuros 442v2 is the next open source product that will be released, with a target of releasing developer samples in late July 2006. It's an open portable media player with a focus on video recording and playback.

Neuros III

The Neuros III is the platform successor to the Neuros Digital Audio Computer line. It's an audio focused product sharing most of the features and functionality of the 442v2 but in a smaller, somewhat lower capacity form factor.

Legacy Products

These products reached end-of-life. All official support from Neuros has ceased. Community support and developement may or may not be still alive on these products.

Neuros I&II

The original Digital Audio Computers, based on TI DSP, and in the market since Mar 2003.



PC software

Sorune (perl)
Positron (python;outdated)
NeurosDBM (java)

This wiki is user updated and the information here cannot be considered official Neuros communication

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