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Other Software Tools:

There are quite a few other pieces of software that deserve notice. Rather than write a separate tutorial for every single one, I've collected links to a variety of options, with a short description of each. You may find that one of the other tools on this site works best, or you may find that one of the following suits your needs better.

  • iPodVideoTransform Requires install of .NET framework. Small and simple solution for converting video to iPod format. PC only.
  • Handbrake and Instant Handbrake Also considered useful for converting DVDs to iPod format, Instant Handbrake is streamlined for PSP and iPod video formats. Written for Mac, but there is an experimental PC version.
  • | Intervideo iVideo To Go A commercial solution, expires after 14 days.
  • Xilisoft iPod video converter Another commercial alternative, costs $29, is designed for ease of use.
  • iPod Video Converter Suite $39, or $29 just for the converter. Cucusoft have walkthroughs for their products on the site.
  • MeGUI, an open source, free converter. Does require .NET framework install, additional software components, is not for technophobes or beginners.

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