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Filename and Directory structure considerations:

The PSP will not recognize videos that aren't named according to a very sepcific convention. Here is a short list of instructions to make sure you have the right folders set up on your Memory Stick.

 *Put your memory card into the PSP.
 *Use the PSP to format the memory card.
 *On the PSP, put it into USB Connection Mode.
 *Use the PSP - USB cable to connect it to your computer.
 *Find the drive letter that your PSP was assigned.  Here we will assume your PSP is E:\.
 *On the PSP's drive letter (not in any folder, simply on the drive), create a folder "MP_ROOT" .
 *Create a sub-folder named "100MNV01" in "MP_ROOT".
 *Create a sub-folder named "100ANV01" in "MP_ROOT" 
 *Now, any MP4-SP files you create, put into the 100MNV01 folder.  Any MP4-AVC files, place in the 100ANV01 folder.
 *For movie files to be visible to the PSP, they must be named according to the following convention:
 *MP4-AVC Files must be named: MAQ#####.MP4 where ###### are numbers.
 *MP4-SP Files must be named: M4V#####.MP4, as above.

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