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The 442v2 is the sucessor to the 442, and we'll put a better product description here shortly.

In the meantime, Product Specs will be posted as we arrive at conclusions:

The 442v2 is based on the new Neuros platform using the TI DM320 processor. Development will be done on the publicly available Development Boards and most of the specs for the development boards are pertinent here. Exceptions will be listed below:

The 442v2, despite considerable controversy, will use the current 442 housing with a modified joystick for improved usability. Therefore, there are limited ports available for I/O.


DM320 Product Chart

For a chart showing all the next gen products tech specs compared, see DM320 Product Chart


USB Charging

USB charging will be allowed, but will be held to max .5 A per USB spec. Thus a DC plug and adapter will still be necessary for rapid charging.

USB Charging Discussion


not resolved, discussion on Google Groups


Can we combine S/PDIF with the headphone connector?

See discussion on this thread

Serial Port

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