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The Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder is a flash-based VCR (sans tuner) and a product of Neuros Audio, LLC. It is capable of recording and playing back MPEG-4 and has several unique consumer benefits like ignoring Macrovision's Automatic gain control copy protection.

The Recorder was first released to the public on February 9, 2005 in's first product launch. The February 9th launch is part of Neuros Audio's gamma test program and consisted of 850 units sold at $119.99 (US) each. The full release of this product occured in mid-March.

The product is currently available for sale on the Neuros Audio website and elsewhere.

Recorder Specs

ISO Standard MPEG-4 SP encoding with G.726 audio
30fps@362x240 resolution Microsoft ASF file format
MPEG-4 SP with G.726 audio
MPEG-4 SP with MP3 stereo sound, near DVD quality
30fps@362x240 resolution Microsoft ASF file format
30fps@320x240 resolution AVI file format, encoded by DivX 4.0 & 5.0
Photo Viewing
JPEG decoder
Resolution up to 16M pixels
Thumbnail view
Zoom & Pan
Music Playback
Stereo MP3 decoding
Stereo AAC decoding
32-320 kbit/s CBR & VBR
16-128 kbit/s CBR

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File Operations
USB 2.0 High speed card reader
Transfer files between cards
Downloadable firmware upgrades from [1]
Possibilty of adapters/accesories.
Power source
110-240V AC/DC Power supply
Dimensions and weight
4.6 x 3.42 x 0.71 in, 4.9 oz
118 x 87 x 18 mm, 140 g
Other items included with product
A/V interface cables
PC USB cable
Remote control
User manual driver and bundle software pack
Storage medium
Compact Flash
SD Card

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