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Product Overview

The Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 enables you to effortlessly capture video content for the Sony PSPâ„¢ from any analog video source, including cable or satellite television, DVD players, VCRs, camcorders and PVRs such as Tivoâ„¢. The video content is saved as MPEG-4 video files, eliminating the hassle of proprietary file formats. Utilizing Memory Sticks and Compact Flash (CF) or Microdives as the storage medium, you can record content on a card for viewing on your TV, Laptop, PDA, PSP, SmartPhone or Portable Media Player (PMP) like the Neuros 442.You can also transfer that content onto your PC via a card reader (not included) or other USB enabled device. Roughly the size of a PDA device, the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 hooks up to your existing home theater components, and allows you to view still photos on your TV or listen to MP3 audio files through your stereo. Additional features include upgradeable firmware for future functionality expansion. No PC Required. Memory Stick and CF Storage card required but not included.

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 FAQ

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 FAQ

Recorder 2 Specifications

Real Time MPEG-4 Video Recording

ISO Standard MPEG4 SP encoding with AAC-LC audio:

Resolution Settings

320x240 resolution (QVGA setting)recommended for handhelds.
368x208 resolution (16:9, WQVGA setting)wide screen format for PSP.
640x480 resolution (VGA setting)Best quality for TV playback.


All recordings at 30fps

Bitrate Modes

Super Fine=2mbps
AAC Audio
all modes=128kbps

Recording Time for a 1GB card, using VGA setting

Super Fine=60-70min

Video Player

MPEG-4 SP with MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) audio,30fps at up to D1 resolution (704x576).
DivX 3.11@ CIF Resolution; DivX 4.x,5.x,30fps at up to D1 resolution (704x576).
Quicktime 6; MPEG-4 AAC-LC stereo, MP4 format at up to D1 resolution (704x576).
ASF, AVI, MP4 file extensions

Photo Viewer

JPEG decoder(baseline), BMP, GIF (non animated) Resolution up to 16M pixels (4096x4096) Thumbnail view (when photo has the EXIF header) Zoom in/out (2x, 4x)

MP3/AAc Music Player

Stereo MP3/WMA decoding @ 30-320kbps CBR & VBR Stereo MPEG-4 AAC-LC decoding G.726 Decoder

File Operations

Transfer files between cards.



MemoryStick Duo
MemoryStick Pro Duo

Note: MemoryStick Duo's are not to be confused with regular Sony MemorySticks, Regular MemorySticks are larger and are NOT compatible with the Recorder II


Type I and Type II
Hitachi Microdrives with CF type II interface
Note: Hitachi 6GB Microdrive is limited to 1.9GB file size


Standard RCA jack interface to video and stereo audio


Downloadable firmware upgrades from

Remote Control

See [Here] for remote Keycodes

Forum thread on replacing the remote control

Power Source

110-240V AC/DC Power supply.

Dimensions and Weight

4.6 inches x 3.42 x .71 inches. 4.9 oz.

Complete System Includes

A/V RCA Interface Cables (European units may contain SCART adapters). 110-240V AC/DC Power Supply. Remote Control. User Manual Driver and Bundle Software Pack.

Note: CF and/or Memory Stick Storage card required but not included.

Tips and Tricks

What can I record from?

You can record from any composite source(DVD, VCR, TiVo, PS2, X-Box, etc.)

My recordings only have left channel audio (or right only), whats wrong?

If recording from a mono VCR or other mono source you will only have one channel of audio. You can buy an RCA plug splitter which converts one male RCA plug to two female plugs so it splits the left audio channel to both left and right. Thus making audio come out of both left and right channels.

Better TV output with the video iPod

For this tip, you will first need Quicktime player Pro.

 Record your favorite program with the recorder 2 using the TV VGA setting with super fine.
 Import the TV VGA file into Quicktime 
 Export the file using these settings;

Use Mpeg-4 for the compression. Leave the frame rate alone. Set the data rate to 2400kb/s Set the quality to best. Set the resolution to 480 x 360 Set the audio to AAC, set the target rate to 32kb/s, set the sample rate to 22.05


See Here R2 Reviews


Neuros R2 forums

Hacking the R2

Thanks to ExNavy for putting together this video on Google of him with his hacked R2 complete with battery pack and helmet cam in action. Check it out Here

Here's some information on specs for a replacement remote

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