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The upcoming lineup of Neuros products will be based around the TI DaVinci platform, a powerful combination of hardware and software which excels at a variety of applications. Having a common platform will enable us to produce a feature-rich and user-friendly environment across the entire Neuros product line, and allow us to focus development on one product, then apply the same feature enhancements, fixes, and tweaks across the entire range of Neuros products.

Although the core of each product will be largely identical, the application of each product -- determined by factors such as screen size, battery life, type of storage, physical size, and inputs and outputs -- will be radically different. Take a look at what we have.


Current Products

The Neuros OSD

Main article: Neuros OSD 1.0

Record/Play/Stream/Share your digital content between PC/Internet, home entertainment center (TV, DVD, TiVo, DVR, VCR, Camcorder...) and portables (iPod, PSP, Smartphone, External drives).

Neuros OSD2.0 Platform

Main article: Neuros OSD2.0 Platform

A developer release enabled HD-quality recording and playback at a consumer price point.

The Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2/2 Plus

Main Article:MPEG4 Recorder 2 & 2 Plus

The MPEG-4 Recorder 2 is like an easy-to-use, free-standing VCR that records onto digital memory cards instead of VHS tapes so that the video is playable directly on the PSP™ , other handheld devices or ready for easy transfer to your Video iPod™.

The Neuros Link

Main article: Neuros_Link

The Internet's Video Collection - on your TV.

Future Products

Neuros HD Recorder

Main article: Neuros OSD HD

Desirable Features:

  • 1080p output
  • Digital Audio output (SPDIF/IEC958) (ac3 and DTS passthrough)
  • Smooth playback of 1080p VC1 and H.264

The Neuros "Digital Audio Computer" III

Main article: Neuros series

The flagship product of Neuros Technologies. This diminuitive device packs a serious audio punch, with the Neuros 3 carrying one of if not the most advanced audio signal paths of any portable media player. Portability and audio quality are of utmost importance, but the product will still exploit the power of the DM320 platform to present the user with a wealth of features.

The Neuros 442 v 2.0

Main article: 442v2

These devices are designed to play video on the go. A large, crisp screen, with good audio support, makes this the most versatile of products for the average consumer. Portability is a major concern, but because this product is video-centric, it won't be pocket-sized; you need to have it in front of you to watch its screen.

The vDrive series

Main article: VDrive series

Similar in intent to the Recorder series, the vDrive will have no screen, and thus require external connections to be useful. However, whereas the Recorder is intended to remain plugged into one system, the vDrive will be completely portable, and feature a hard drive as internal storage. It will also double as an external hard drive, which can be powered by the host system, ideal for road warriors who need storage on-the-go but would also like to kick back and watch their own content on a hotel television.

Past Products

The Neuros 442 v1.0

Main article: 442v1.0

The Neuros 1&2 Digital Audio Computer

Main Article: Neuros Digital Audio Computer

The Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 1

Main article: MPEG4 Recorder 1.0

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