Putting video on Motorola Q with the Neuros Video Recorder 2

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How to put video on the Motorola Q with the Neuros R2 Plus:

The Neuros Recorder 2 Plus is an enhanced version of the Recorder 2, optimized for use with devices like the Motorola Q. Neuros Video Recorder works like a digital VCR for Smarpthones like the Motorola Q. You will be able to record live TV, TV shows, news and movies in a format optimized for playback on your phone. There are essentially only two steps involved. Once the R2 is set up, simply hit record. THe videos are saved on a miniSD card in a format optimized for the Mototrola Q. Once the recording is over, insert the Mini-SD card in your Mototola Q and enjoy your video.

About the R2 Thumb-neuros recorder ii.jpg

Necessary Components:

  • Motorola Q
  • Neuros Video Recorder 2 plus
  • Mini-SD card and adapter (512MB+ recommended)
  • Analog video source (Cable Box, Satellite Receiver Box, DVD, Tivo, etc.)

Optional Software:

We recommend you install TCPMP on your unit. TCPMP is a powerful, free Media Player that will allow you to playback video with a higher resolution than the native media player installed on the Motorola Q. See the installation instruction here

Step 1:

  • Set up the R2 plus to record. Connect the unit to an analog video output (AV In), and connect the R2 output to a video input on your TV if you'd like to watch what you're recording. (For more detailed instructions see the Recorder 2 user's guide, link below.)

Step 2:

  • Use the remote to navigate to the Quality settings menu and choose your resolution and quality setting. The quality is a matter of taste and amount of storage available. For the Q, the QVGA 15fps resolution is recommended. Windows media player mobile 10 only supports a limited set of file formats and codecs. To see the official list, click here. Make sure that you're outputting to one of these formats with the R2. To start recording, hit the record button on the remote.

Step 3:

  • Once the recording is finished, power off the R2 and remove the Mini-SD card. Move it to the Mini-SD slot on the Q. On the Q, navigate to the video folder and open your video using your video player software.

Specs and technical info: ...

Time: ~3 minutes

 * Can use any video source, including TV, DVD, Tivo
 * Extremely simple, goes directly to Q without additional conversion
 * Content is not limited to pre-existing digital files, can use any video you own
 * All file formatting issues are handled automatically
 *Must encode in real-time

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