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Smart and Mobile phone compatibility chart

Here we've collected a small, unofficial chart showing phones that are compatibile with the formats supported by the Neuros Video Recorder 2. Tested/Known phones have been tested either by Neuros or by users and have been found to work. Suspected phones are not confirmed but are expected to work based on hardware or software specifications of the device. Not working means the phone has been found not to work and has not been found to work by Neuros or users.

Phones that run WMP 10 should all be able to play videos encoded by the Recorder 2. Likewise, Realplayer for Mobile Devices seems to support these formats. Similarly, Smartphones able to run TCPMP have a high likelihood of being able to play files created by the Neuros R2. Mobile phones that do not run standardized operating systems vary in capability and video compatibility varies accordingly.


                     Phone Tested:                Suspected:                     Unknown:  

 WMP 10:              Motorola Q
(Windows Mobile 5.0)                              T-Mobile MDA
                                                  T-Mobile SDA 	
                                                  Cingular 2125
                                                  Motorola i930
                                                  SPV C600
                                                  Audiovox SMT 5600
                                                  Audiovox SMT 5600
                                                  Motorola MPx220
                                                  SP-i600 Smartphone (Sprint)
                                                  Voq Professional Phone
RealPlayer®        Palm Treo 650                  Nokia 9200 Series
for Mobile Devices                                Nokia 7650
                                                  Palm Treo 700

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones differ in capability, and it is often difficult to determine whether a given phone supports a given resolution or bitrate, regardless of video support, without testing it. Although many phones do support video playback, for example, the Motorola RAZR Vx, testing is often the only way to tell for sure.

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