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Reviews Neuros LINK

DeviceGuru: First impressions of the Neuros Link "...the Neuros Link strikes me as an irresistible gadget...What self-respecting geek wouldn’t want to snag one of these? ;-)" February 09

Linux Planet: Neuros LINK "This is MORE than just a set-top pc, it’s the convergence of tv, computer and internet...Go and BUY ONE NOW! You’ll regret it if you don’t." February 09

Ars Technica: Hands on: Neuros LINK, an Ubuntu-based media extender "I think that the LINK is a great product for Linux fans who want a compact HTPC system that they can hack and extend..." February 09

Reviews Neuros OSD Neuros OSD Mini-AppleTV but better. January 09

School Library Journal: Neuros OSD Test Drive "The Neuros OSD makes sure that the personal video renaissance that is probably happening in your school system thrives by ensuring that all that creativity actually gets appreciated, whether it be on the Web, on TV, on a phone, or on a game console." June 2008

Tech Talk For Families: The Neuros OSD "The instructions claim that it is as easy as connecting a VCR… I found it easier...The Neuros OSD does exactly what it advertises, and the results are better than expected." June 08

Dallas Morning News: Neuros OSD review "...A very nifty little device" June '08 archive and store your VHS tapes & more "This is an impressive little device that exceeded all my expectations...The videos transferred were very high quality. A great way to share home videos with friends and family. A recommended excellent product!" May 2008

Mobile Tech Review: Neuros OSD "the OSD's reliability and picture quality are impressive enough to meet the higher standards you would expect from a modern video device...[Neuros] digital video products are still among the leaders of their category." April 2008

Computer Shopper: First Look Neuros OSD "It's a great device that's easy to use and has a lot of potential." 3/7/2008

The Guardian: Neuros OSD Review "I have a new most favourite piece of kit: the Neuros Technology handles video brilliantly...I think it has a big future" 2/28/2008 Neurostechnology, DRM, and the OSD 2/28/2008

The Post And Courier: OSD an amazing device for recording your VHS tapes February 18, 2008

Orlando Sentinel: So long, old VHS tapes February 9, 2008 The OSD – a revolutionary product "5 stars...a spectacularly fun device to use...It's the kind of gadget with a very high wow factor – you'll want to show it off to everyone who visits...with the OSD, Neuros really hit one out of the ballpark." January 30, 2008

Personal Computer World January 29, 2008

Hexus/Lifestyle: Neuros OSD Review "If you want to digitally store all your media, there aren't many better solutions than the Neuros OSD." January 28, 2008 Neuros OSD Review "...I was pretty impressed with this device. Easy setup, easy use, and performance exactly as advertised." January 21, 2008

TechCast Network: Neuros OSD "...this multi-functional recorder offers the perfect solution for those with a large archive of video tapes that are in need of a non-labour-intense backup solution." January 20, 2008

LinuxJournal: Video Review YouTube Video Review

Digital Copyright Canada: My first week of Audio-Visual freedom! January 4, 2008

Tom's Hardware: Neuros OSD vs. Archos AV500: Face-Off "The Neuros performs excellently as part of a home entertainment system, enabling a wealth of fancy options to compliment its purpose." December 21, 2007 Neuros OSD Media Center Has Everything You Need "I love the Neuros OSD Media Center it is simply the best product I have ever bought." December 20, 2007

techlore:Getting to know the Neuros OSD - The Analog to Digital Bridge "...the next time someone asks me to recommend an easy device for transferring VHS tapes to digital (which I'm asked a lot) or a device that will let them move shows from their DVR to a portable player, Neuros OSD would be at the top of the list." December 5, 2007 OSD– Freeing Yesterday’s Media To Play On Tomorrow’s Technology, Today! "As complicated as this device could have been, it is incredibly easy to use. Revitalizes your entire obsolete video collection and home movies." November 30, 2007 Neuros OSD "What the OSD is best at though - and which Apple TV can’t match - is putting DVD and TV on to chip" November 27, 2007 Neuros OSD review"the Neuros OSD is a great little system" November 16, 2007 Neuros OSD Media Recorder "The Neuros OSD is a fascinating Linux powered piece of hardware." November 4, 2007 ArsGeek reviews the Neuros OSD "This product can really be as powerful as you want it to be...The Neuros is very easy to use, as simple as any device out there, and is a fantastic example of Open Source in action." November 1, 2007

Raiden's realm: Neuros OSD Review "The Neuros OSD is a small device, yet it packs a big punch...there's quite a lot that's offered with this unit. To say it's impressive is an understatement." October 29, 2007

OSnews: Neuros OSD Review "Rating: 8/10. Overall, Neuros seems to get it. Extensibility, plus a powerful's by far the sexiest product Neuros has released so far." October 26, 2007

The YouTube Intrudes into Your Bedroom "I CANNOT say enough good things about the OSD device from Neuros." July 16, 2007

Spanish Review of OSD from


the most interesting linux device I hadn't heard of (review)

A Librarian and Her Rabbit Why I love my Neuros OSD Neuros OSD 23 Back To School Must Haves “Your back-to-schoolers will be dying to have one!” The more we use this device, the more amazed we are at what it can do...

Neuros:Enabling Customers

Neuros OSD unboxing

Neuros OSD unboxing

Neuros OSD another Winner for Neuros Technology

Popular Mechanics: Neuros OSD Digital Media Fixer Streams TV Shows, MP3s and More

What I did with the OSD

New Zealand Computershop owner Blog


Make: The Open Source Gift Guide

Neuros OSD customer reviews

If you were waiting for a native MP4 recording device; your wait is over

Hi, I hope this review and story helps those users that are caught between a rock and hard spot in deciding on one of a couple options in MP4 video recording.

This review is for individuals like myself that are accustomed to using the combination of a DVD Recorder or VCR, PC to rip and transcode video; and any variation of these four options to enhance and enlighten our entertainment personally at home.

In second week of March 07' I ordered and received my long anticipated AppleTV. It came in a typical Apple box, pretty and polished and up-n-running within 15mins; including the time it took to upgrade the firmware.

I used the AppleTV for three days and watched a few movies that I had ripped and transcoded to AppleTV format on my hard drive. Transcoding took 45 mins each on over 20 titles I had the desire to watch.

I was delighted to have FINALLY been able to not hook my PC to the video in on my big screen, I could actually stream the video via my wireless G network at home... I know there were a few devices out there so far that were Windows based and had LOTS of Digital Rights Management issues that barred my ambitions.

I then found myself spending a few hundred dollars on a device that ONLY got me half way to where I wanted to be, to never have to buy DVD-R's, Rip, Transcode and or print labels on my printer, buy cases for my new additions to my home library of hundreds of movies and shows!

This did not make any sense for me, wasting a few hundred on a device that only allowed me not having to chain my laptop to the TV! So................... I Googled... and Googled.... and finally found a few hits (results)

Results on Yahoo, Google, Froogle, MSN, etc. brought me to a device called the 442 and was a portable device and was capable of recording media to a memory stick of many sorts... but was WAY too expensive and lacked real needs.

Then a ran across a site that was NeurosAudio[...], was the manufacture of a few devices with MP4 ability but were primarily targeted to mobile users. I looked a little further and seen the OSD... Read the specifications and it was just the perfect device I wanted and desperately needed for a very long time!

I ordered the OSE on March 29th on their site, I then had a few questions right after I hit "Order"... Called their customer service number and I had a technical support person on the phone immediately.. Was very nice and if he didn't have the answer he got it for me.

I was notified by UPS of the shipment and got it in my hands on April 2nd 07'. I opened up the box from Neuros, the packaging, quality of printing, polished black device and instructions that would rival that of Apple!

I had it out and hooked up within the same amount of time of my AppleTV, I instantly put in my Sony memory stick and played back my AVI, XVID, MP4 video's. I then hooked up my satellite box to the OSD and recorded my favorite movie, shows, etc. with the ability to adjust the resolution, bit rate, audio bit rate, etc.

I found that the original factory firmware was behind in capabilities and used Neuro's option in the OSD to upgrade over the network from their site. A few issues where resolved with that upgrade.

I then began to educate myself on their site, while it is not "organized" in a friendly easy to navigate way, I found all the material I needed to understand the state of the product and where could I address issues and request enhancements.

I found the support ability on their site in the manor of forums, I also found their 800 support to be friendly and helpful. Once I learned where and how their company handles issues and requests, I began entering my issues online and within a few weeks I seen over 12 releases of firmware which showed me that this is one company that has their act together!

[...] I have not looked back and regretted my decision to sell my AppleTV and am grateful for my Neuros OSD!! Please check that auction number or paste the link in your browser and see for yourself!!

Best of all, I no longer have my DVD Recorder, I no longer have to RIP and Transcode my choices of video and source of video... I can record 2.5hrs of video and finalize my recording in 5 Seconds over my home network!! and store for playback via my network of about any video that I download!!

I have simplified my life, no longer waste time!! May 22, 2007, By T. Johnson (KS) (on

Couch potato?

The Neuros OSD promises to free your media. Why?

We all know DRM is rife, and it's not fair. Yet manufacturers still encumber their products with annoying restrictions to prevent theft of copywritten material, rather than trust their consumers. TiVo messes up recording so you can't watch them on your computer. Apple TV won't even touch your DVD rips. What has made us consumers so bloody complacent?

My OSD sits proudly on my tv, it streams all my videos from both my USB HD and computer via network cable. Different file formats (non-DRM of course) don't faze it, it just plays it. That's what I use it for, 99% of the time. Nice & simple.

I can record any input to mpeg file, so I don't need a VCR no more. I can play & edit these files on my laptop, no restrictions. Yay!

There are problems, high bitrate (DVD stardard) files result in frame drops, which is disappointing. High definition is a no no, which doesn't bother me really, I'm not buying into this fad. The GUI is not pretty & remote feels slow. Subtitles aren't supported, but I've been told (the Neuros community is very open & talkative) it's coming with a firmware update. As is an EPG and wifi support.

The OSD promises a lot, I think it already delivers about 90% - it plays & records well with no restrictions. The last 10% has to be seen, for work still has to be done.

Summary: With the OSD, you can enjoy your video from your couch. That's freedom.

May 22, 2007, By G. Boland (on

Personal Video Recording

This review is especially for anyone who wish they could watch their favourite shows, media, on the go, anywhere you want. This OSD is not just another PVR, DVR. It allows me to record from a TV, a DVD player, a security camera and more. I watch TV shows, recorded on the OSD, as simple as a VCR, on my TREO. If you own an IPOD, a TREO, a smartphone, a PSP, a TV, a laptop, or a PC, you can watch recorded video on any one of these by using this little "gem". I have mine connected to my TV. I schedule it, just like a VCR, to record my favourite programs. The cool thing is, it records to any type of memory card. This thing is cool. So many options. An SD card for my Treo A compact flash card for my digital camera A USB thumbdrive for my laptop A USB thumbdrive for my pc A MSDUO for my PSP. No ripping software, no pc needed. I just plug it in like a VCR, grab the remote and program it. Plug in any type of memory card and leave it do its thing. SO many ways to watch any video, anywhere, anytime, on the go. My drive to and from work is not boring anymore Can your cable PVR do that?? I didn't think so............. Not anymore. With the OSD you can record that "missed ballgame, your favourite TV program, a hockey game, etc" to any type of memory card. Your Treo has an SD slot.

MPEG4 Thursday, May 24, 2007, by a Customer from Toronto Canada (on

Reviews Neuros 442

Neuros 442 Review By DAPReview "The Neuros 442 plays audio and video great, and it has the codec support and hardware to back it video recording it is one of the best... Once the software is polished up and open sourced, this is going to be one of the most interesting portable media players."

Neuros 442 Review By The gagdeteer "The Neuros is extremely easy to hook to an analog audio / video source, and recording directly to the device is a breeze." Judie Hughes


Neuros 442 Review by "The interface is really spiffy and battery life is very good..." Eugenia Loli-Queru

Neuros 442 Review by "...the video playback and video recorder capabilities were excellent..." Adam Z Lein

Reviews Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2

With 100% positive reviews by users and experts, Neuros Recorder 2 best of DVR class on

Neuros Video Recorder: Movies on your BlackBerry "This fun little digital wonder captures video onto your MicroSD card for playback on your BlackBerry." "The Neuros is an excellent choice for converting audio and video to MPEG4 for viewing on handheld electronics."

Blogcritics Magazine "The days of waiting hours for a PC program to decode video into the proper format are over. Neuros has completely eliminated that issue with a well rounded product..." "After two weeks with the Neuros recorder, I am totally in awe. The Neuros is like a mini digital VCR that eliminates fees, hassle and conversion of files."

Geekblue "There is one device and one device only you need for Christmas this year. It's the Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder 2...[we] absolutely love it."

MobileTechReview " will be quite impressed by the NR2+"
Mobiletechreview index.jpg

Consumer Electronic Association "Hot Holiday Products on CEA's Tour" October 2006

Treocentral "The Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 Plus is a revolutionary, amazingly cool product...It's my favorite new tech toy."
Tc logo.gif

Mobility Today "4.9/5...I am really excited about using the Neuros Unit...If I didn’t have the unit already to test, I would certainly go out and buy one."
0 MobilityToday-sm.jpg

Brighthand "A must-have for TV-addicted commuters"
Logo brighthand.gif

All About Symbian"...deserves a serious look if you're a fan of digital video on a mobile device." "The NVR [Neuros Video Recorder] has kind of breathed new life into my PSP"

GameZone "9.5/10...the video quality is top-notch... The videos you’ll record...will come out looking as beautiful as they were going in."

Sound&Vision" The Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 is well worth its relatively meager asking price and is a must-have for movie and TV buffs who spend a lot of time on the go."

CoolSmartphone "it's a brilliant way to get TV onto your Windows Mobile device or PC quickly and easily."

Qusers "...a great tool to get TV shows and other video content to the Motorola Q very quickly and easily."

Amazon "'ll quickly be on your list of must-have new tech toys."

The Plain Dealer Gadget Review "If you're looking for a simple, effective and easy way to record video for your computer, Sony PSP or iPod, the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 is a superb solution."

XYZComputing "...maybe be one of the best travel entertainment products ever." "Allows you to rip iPod video and PSP video to memory cards from a video source in real time. For PSP, no PC needed." "'s awesome!...super simple to use, and highly recommended."

Consumer Electonics Net "Highly Recommended"

Methodshop "...the Neuros Recorder 2 packs a big punch in a tiny package."


Dave Graveline "into Tomorrow" Top 10 Neuros hit the nail on the head...the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder is a must have."

MP3NewsWire "...if you have a Sony PSP, iPod Video, or other PMP unit I strongly recommend the Recorder 1 and 2."" invaluable product which makes capturing video easy...We love it!"

Pocketnow "...excellent support for the formats used in the PSP and the iPod."

DCEmu UK "...a great product"

Gamershell Hardware Hell Recommended "It is so easy to use, I just can not get that point accross enough...this is a must have for any gamer or movie fan. Nothing I have have played with can do what this can..."

MacWorld "...the fastest, easiest way to make legal iPod or PSP-compatible recordings from DVDs or most other video sources."

Spymac "The MPEG-4 Video Recorder 2 is perfect for PSP and iPod users who want to take their video and DVD collections out and about."

Dallas Morning News "By far the easiest way to get movies and videos you already own onto your PSP or iPod. Setup is a breeze."

iLounge "On the iPod's screen, the 320x240 videos look very similar to the ones Apple is selling...(the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2) provides one of the lower-cost iPod-ready recording options we have seen"

Digital Lifestyle "It is a great product to have around, and it certainly adds life to your portable devices. A must have item for anyone interested in adding custom videos to their portables."

Maximum PC"The MPEG4 Video Recorder 2 is an ingenious little device...this is a useful gadget for folks hooked on watching video on a small screen" Michael Brown, April 2006.

The Gadgeteer " is an easy way to record video to watch on a PSP."

GamerFirst! "The Neuros Mpeg-4 Video Recorder 2 is an excellent device. For fans of mobile video who own an Mpeg-4 and CF Card or Memory Stick compatible unit, the Video Recorder 2 is an incredible tool." "The Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 is a great device that makes it easy to get videos on your PSP."

Diabolikal "Bottom Line: A very affordable alternative to TiVo or DVR, with no subscription cost, the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 is an excellent tool for recording television for playback on PSPs, DAPs, and PMPs."

O'Grady's Powerpage"...this is the best thing since sliced bread for a video iPod owner..."

TechNewsWorld "the Neuros recorder can be a handy gadget to have around, not only because of its unobtrusive size, but because it is very convenient to use." John P Mello Jr. " more lengthy conversion techniques, just hit the record button and hey presto -a digital video file will be ready to go in your PSP!" " PSP played back the video without a problem - the quality was great too, very impressive!...Many props to Neuros for this kick-ass device! It will definitely serve its purpose!" "9.8/10...Good job Neuros. An excellent product that's well worth the cash."

Review by Dapreview "A perfect tool for your PSP or other portable device"

Review by the Chicagotribune "The Recorder 2 works great with the Sony PlayStation Portable... It's the easiest way I've found yet to get video into the PSP." Eric Gwinn

Review by the Chicago Sun-Times "I tried out the impressive Neuros Recorder with my new video iPod...The sleek Recorder, which also can be used to copy music and photographs, works like a dream..." Howard Wolinsky

Recorder 2 Review by Geeknewscentral "...I am in love, this is a product that has astounded me."Todd Cochrane

Recorder 2 Review by OSNews , "If you have a PSP, it's a must-have gadget!... The Neuros Recorder 2 is the ultimate hassle-free mobile multimedia creator!" Eugenia Loli-Queru

RegHardware "A no-frills PVR that's great for getting movies and TV shows onto your PSP or iPod..." Tony Smith

Kotaku "The video looked great on the PSP's screen"

Recorder 2 Review by Ubergizmo "This video recorder is probably the easiest way to convert analog video to an MPEG4 file..."

Review by PSP World "...nice interface, simple hookup, and the ability to access your movies, photos, and music from your TV. A great addition for any PSP owner that does a lot of video recording."

First Look by Rainy Day Magazine "With this unit, it is now possible to record directly to MPEG-4! There have been other devices with this ability, but none so streamlined, flexible, and cost effective!" Wan Chi Lau

Recorder 2 Review by The Jem Report It works great with the PlayStation Portable and the Neuros 442... Jem Matzan

Recorder 2 Review By "There is no fuss involved and you won't have to deal with any software conversion tools on your PC."

Review by "...this is a great product".

Recorder 2 Review by Gamezone , " will have a lot of fun watching your shows on the road or when stuck somewhere with nothing to do..." Michael Knutson

Reviews Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 1

MobileTechReview "If you've been as eager as I have to incorporate your television into your "digital lifestyle," the Neuros Recorder is a good choice, especially for PDA users"

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder Recorder 1 Review by OSNews "Here is a great PVR product with a twist![Score] 9/10" Eugenia Loli-Queru

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 1 Review by The Register "With its memory card support, the NMR is potentially one of the best ways of getting video onto a mobile device"Tony Smith

Neuros Recorder 1 Review by Ubergizmo "The video quality was better than I thought."

Neuros Recorder 1 Review Pocketnow " are able to take your video along on your Pocket PC conveniently..." Brandon Miniman

Neuros Audio Computer

Neuros MP3 Player "I'm definitely impressed with the features of the Neuros player and the level of cool things you can do with it...Overall, the Neuros player is a feature rich MP3 player with some luxury details that is sure to catch the eye of the tech freak."

mp3newswire Linux and Ogg Vorbis users can rejoice as they have in the Neuros a portable that caters to their needs. Though not perfect, it's a good all around player for all.

Review by The Gagdeteer

[1] "we can't complain about its excellent sound quality. Music sounded clear, with no perceptible hiss and plenty of detail on the high and low ends (20Hz to 20,000Hz)."

Neuros News and Press Sightings

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