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About Smartphones:

There are several true Smartphones on the market. The Motorola Q and T-Mobile MDA are good examples. These mobile devices usually incorporate a small keyboard, cellular and wireless data capabilities, a camera and other digital goodies. Many models run a mobile version of Microsoft Windows, or other operating system, and frequently they have video capability. This is where we come in. Although the specifications of phones vary widely, it's possible to offer some generally useful information. There have been software solutions allowing encoding of video for smartphones for some time now. The Neuros Video Recorder 2 is a step forward, as it incorporates support specifically for the Motorola Q and other phones running Windows Media Player 10.

The Neuros Video Recorder 2, with latest firmware, can compress video into 3GP format, at QVGA and QCIF resolutions, which are the most commonly supported resolutions among mobile and Smartphones. Most devices that run Windows Media Player 10 or Realplayer Mobile Edition should play video encoded with the Neuros Recorder 2. Phones that accept Mini-SD , MS-PRO/DUO CF cards are at a particular advantage, because the R2 will record directly to this media (with adapter), eliminating the need for a card reader or transfer via PC - for example, the Motorola Q.

Other methods of putting video on Smartphones involve computers or proprietary services provided by the various wireless companies, for example, Verizon's Vcast. Here we'll look at some of these options.


Using the Neuros Video Recorder 2

Using 3GP Converter

Other software tools

Recorder 2 - Smartphone compatibility chart

Wireless video download services

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