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Sorune is one of the open source sync managers written for the Neuros. It is written in Perl and maintained by Darren Smith. The official web page for Sorune is

Tips n Tricks

unsupported, skipping with ogg files

If you get this error with all your ogg files, then most likely it is due to id3 tags added onto them. Ogg files were not meant to have id3 tags, they have a more sophisticated comment/tagging system.

Run ogginfo from vorbis-tools on the file in question. If it tells you the ogg file is corrupted and that there a holes then most likely there are id3 tags on the file. Grab id3v2 and see if they are indeed there. If so, remove both v1 and v2 tags. Sorune should now be happy with the file.


  1. ogginfo filename.ogg
  2. id3v2 -l
  3. id3v2 -s
  4. id3v2 -d

A quick bash script that should work:

 for o in `find /music/dir -name '*.ogg'`; do
   if test "$(id3v2 -l $o | grep -v 'No ID3 tag')" != ""; then 
     id3v2 -s $o;
     id3v2 -d $o;
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