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Port Ogg Theora Codec

Mentor: Jason Kridner

Developer: Marcelo Guedes Silva

GIT: git://


Since this Google Summer of Code project was initiated, Mozilla funded Ogg Theora work on the C6000 DSP that should be perfectly well suited to run on the OSD2. For information about it, see


Theora is an open, lossy video compression technology being developed as part of the Ogg project. Based upon On2 Technologies' VP3 codec, Theora is targeted at competing with MPEG-4 and similar low-bitrate video compression schemes.

The Texas Instruments DaVinci Technology combines TI's DSP chips, software, tools and support for developing a broad spectrum of optimized digital video end equipment.

At this moment, there isn't support for Ogg Theora in Texas Instruments DaVinci DSP. A complete open-source scheme of video compression is a great tool to further developers on DaVinci Technology. They will be free to create patent free solutions for multimedia devices. Completing this Ogg Theora port is the objective for this application.

The Theora port will be implemented in Code Composer Studio. I will use open-source code in C, like VLC and FFMpeg, to get a base for my implementation in DaVinci. An extensive study about the Theora specification document and DaVinci architecture will be done too. The study about architecture will be very important to avoid problems with memory exceptions and to improve speed of algorithm. This knowledge can improve the use of cache memory, e. g.

A validation phase will be necessary. I will insert as many Theora streams as possible in the system. Furthermore, this process will be necessary to guarantee that the system will work properly with corrupted streams and in exception cases.

Road Map

The project will continue after Summer of Code. For now, I'm without the Code Composer Studio license. A new road map will be write here when I have a complete workstation.

To Do

  • Get a new license with TI
  • Get a xDAIS, xDM sample code with TI

Useful Links


Theora specification

xDAIS and xDM

TI Developer Main Page

TI DaVinci Developers Wiki

Measuring Video Quality With the TMS320DM6446 DVSDK

Google Summer of Code

Important Dates

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