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This is the Tablet Wiki Page with community information on using and hacking the Neuros Axon Android products:


Hacking the Tablet

open firmware

First of all the Slatedroid Mercury firmware works on the Tablet: It can be found at 's download page

How to Flash New Firmware

1. download the firmware file

2. decompress the firmware file ( if on windows) most linux distros should have it built in

3. copy the "script" folder and all contents to your microSD card

4. insert microSD card in your tablet and cycle power (may take up to 20 minutes in some cases- plug in the tablet to be safe)

see Tablet:rooting for more information on rooting if you are curious

Suggested Android Market Apps

The WM8505 Kernel

There is a Google Group for the WM8505 SoC Kernel which has links to the original kernel, etc

ProjectGus is another site from someone customizing the wm8505 kernel that has a lot of information about Linux and the firmware on these tablets.


as of 9/24/2010 USB debugging is sketchy, we advise that you debug over wifi:

The best way to use adb is over tcp/ip.

You will need to connect your tablet to your wireless network. Then determine the ip address it gets either from the settings menu or by opening a terminal and running ifconfig. As I understand it the settings menu has force close issues in both Relax and Mercury. (Update) The current Beta 2 of Mercury all of the setting menus now work.

You will need the Google Android SDK to use adb. Next you need to open a terminal (cmd prompt) and execute the adb connect command. "adb connect ip.for.your.tablet:5555"

After that you should be able to see the tablet when you type adb devices and you should be able to use adb as normal.

Making Life Easier if You Flash a Lot

Adding Your Custom Touchpad Configuration to an Eken

This article will cover the steps required to first pull a touchcal file from your device to save for later and then the required steps to make it available in a new firmware. This avoids the hassle of having to fuss with a non calibrated touchscreen everytime you flash your tablet.

Saving your current configuration

The touchscreen configuration file is called touchcal and is located on your tablet in the /data/wmtpref directory. You have quite a few options for retrieving this file, but in the interest of user friendliness I will just go over using EF File Explorer. Note that this method does require root on your device to see the files.

  1. Make sure the ES File Explorer is installed on your tablet
  2. Run ES File Explorer
  3. Turn on Root Capabilities in ES File Explorer
    • Press the Menu button on your tablet
    • Select Settings
    • Scroll to the bottom and check "Root Explorer"
    • Select "Yes"
    • Ensure "Cyanogen Mod" is selected
    • Select "OK"
    • When the SU Request application comes up select "Always Allow" (Unless you want it to ask everytime)
    • Press the back button to return to the File Explorer window
  4. Navigate to /data/wmtpref directory
  5. Longpress the touchcal file
  6. Select "Copy"
  7. Select the icon with the up arrow twice to get back to "/"
  8. Long press "sdcard"
  9. Select "Paste"

Now your touchcal file is on your SD Card and you can access it via USB or by removing the card and putting it into your PC!

Installing your touchal file in a new firmware/ROM

This should work in most firmwares and roms, but if the file has been completely rewritten you may have issues. You can use this method to install any touchcal file you want whether it be your own, one from someone else, or something you created manually. Hopefully in the future we can add something to clarify the meaning of the numbers in the file.

  1. Open the script folder of the firmware you are planning to flash on your PC
  2. Go into the "etc" directory. (If it does not exist create it)
  3. Copy your touchcal file into the directory

Now you can copy the script folder to your SD Card as normal and during the flash the file will take care of copying the touchcal file into /data/wmtpref for you.


Here are some android applications of particular interest to Axon users: Axon Applications

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