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How to Root Your Device (already done if you flash with slatedroid firmware)

1. Don't modify any tar files unless you have to! When you get more comfortable have at it, but it just adds more room for error.
2. Create a directory inside yout script folder called "bin"
3. Put your su file in it.
4. Edit to disable the su link from busybox and copy in the new su file. You want to put the code toward the end of the "Operate File-System Partition". After the if statement for copying preboot but before the sync command.

I like to have my added code sectioned and commented so here is what I have:

### Begin Rooting Code ###

string="Rooting Tablet..."
echo $string
gui-echo $pointX $pointY "$string"
mv /mnt/mtd/busybox/bin/su /mnt/mtd/busybox/bin/su.bak #disable busybox su
cp ${SDCARD}/script/bin/su /mnt/mtd/system/bin/su #copy in new su file
chown root:root /mnt/mtd/system/bin/su #change ownership of new su file to root
chmod 4777 /mnt/mtd/system/bin/su #set su to always run as root no matter who executes it and to be read/write/executeable for everyone.
string="Rooting Completed!"
echo $string
gui-echo $pointX $pointY "$string"
$pointY=$(($pointY + $height))

### End Rooting Code ###

5. Put the SuperUser Application in the directory script/pre_root_disk/system/app.

This will ensure the application is copied into the system directory during installation. You could also put it into the pre_data disk/app folder, but why would you ever want to uninstall it?

After adding that and flashing your firmware you should be good to go!

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