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I love the idea behind this... I'm a developer and immediately went to see what I could do to help get it rolling... Imagine my disapintment when I found no way to add tuners (that I can see) and even if there are input, the case only has room for one tuner.

What I am desperate for is a box that can replace my clunky MCE, my hacky and always-needing-fixing MythTV box and is as slick as an AppleTV box... A killer app is what I see this product becoming, something that the average consumer can grok... but to do that it needs at least two tuners.

Has anyone managed to hook up USB tuners to the two USB ports on the back? I assume there has been a discussion i missed about including support for tuners... what was the gist of that discussion?

Bpappin 23:49, 9 December 2008 (EST)

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