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Transition to "Arizona"

Your Neuros OSD works great already, but the Neuros Technology team is not stopping there. Beginning in April 2008, the OSD's internal software will be upgraded to a new user interface. In order to use this user interface, you will be required to keep a CompactFlash card permanently plugged into your OSD. Neuros will provide CF cards for free to our customers. Please stay tuned for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Neuros doing this?

The CF card will expand the internal storage of your Neuros OSD. Our GUI will be moving to the Qt graphics server. Qt demands extra storage space on your OSD. The 32MB built-in flash of the current model is not enough to hold it. So Neuros plans to give all existing U.S. OSD owners a free CF card to be used as permanent storage!

What functionality could this offer?

With QT on the OSD, it will be easier to develop new programs or add functionality to existing programs. First, you will see an improved user interface. Second, as more developers are able to work with the standard QT framework, more applications may be made for the OSD.

Can the OSD still function after the CF card has been removed?

Once you have upgraded to the new version, the CF card cannot be removed. If removed, The OSD will request that you put the CF card back in.

Can I still use my CF card, after I upgrade my firmware?

The CF slot will be permanently taken up for this purpose. In the future, it may be possible to partition the CF card. One part could be for the internal storage, and the remainder could be used for recording and playing your content.

Am I already running "Arizona"?

From your OSD main menu, look for the Tools menu. If you have a Tools menu, then you are already running Arizona. If you do not have a Tools menu, then you are not running Arizona.

How do I upgrade to "Arizona"?

1.) Determine if you are currently running Arizona. If so, go to Step 3. If not, continue with Step 2.

2.) This step is very important. Ensure that you are on the latest pre-Arizona release. At the time of writing, this is the latest Official release, 3.33-1.77-02.879. You can download it here. Instructions to upgrade to this beta release are in the Firmware Upgrade Instructions page.

3.) Once you have upgraded to 3.33-1.77-02.879, you can now upgrade to the most recent Arizona beta. Please look at this list. All releases in the list with "(Beta)" in the title are safe to install arizona beta versions. The most recent (nearest to the top of the list) is always the suggested one to install.

All other versions that don't have "(Beta)" in the title are daily developer versions and may be unstable, and contain new bugs, but may also have the most up to date fixes and features. They are not tested with care, so use them at your own risk.

Regardless if you choose to install a beta or a developer version, the following process is the same after you download the .upk file:

To upgrade to Arizona, do the following:

  • Load the .upk file onto a SD or MS card, and plug that card into your Neuros OSD. The USB driver is not available during the upgrade to Arizona rebooting process!
  • From your OSD main menu, navigate to the file via Play.Browse.
  • Once you have the file highlighted, press "Enter" on your remote and choose "Upgrade Firmware".
  • Your firmware will be upgraded. In the process, your OSD will ask you to place a CF card into the drive. This card will be formatted and used as permanent storage. After this, your CF card must be permanently placed in the OSD.
  • During the upgrade the system will boot some more times, do not unplug the USB, SD or CF card until the system has booted properly and you can see the main gui, it will take some time for the whole process so feel free to read a book or go out shopping :-)

How do I downgrade from "Arizona"?

You can downgrade from Arizona the same way you upgraded to Arizona.

  • Load the latest non-Arizona firmware (available here) onto a SD card or USB.
  • From your OSD main menu, navigate to the file via Play.Browse.
  • Once you have the file highlighted, press "Enter" on your remote and choose "Upgrade".
  • After confirming that you wish to downgrade twice, the OSD will begin to downgrade. Please do NOT unplug the OSD during this process.

If this process does not work, you can use the following Emergency Upgrade procedure.

  • Place your CF card into your computer
  • Format it to FAT32. Formatting instructions can be found at Neuros Support
  • Create a folder on the CF card named "newpackage" (without the quotes)
  • Download the latest firmware, a file that ends with .upk, to the "newpackage" folder
  • Rename the .upk file to "r3.upk" (without the quotes)
  • In the "newpackage" folder, create a new blank file named "disable_upk_version_check" (without the quotes).
  • Disconnect the CF card from your computer and place it into the OSD
  • Disconnect the OSD power cord, wait five seconds, then reconnect the OSD power cord.
  • After the system boots, confirm that you wish to downgrade
  • The system will begin to downgrade. Please do NOT disconnect the power while the OSD is downgrading.

After your downgrade, you will need to perform a Factory Reset. From the main menu, press Xi and choose "Reset to Factory Defaults".

What size CF card will I need?

The CF card must have, at least, a 128MB capacity. The cards can be larger, but 128MB will be the minimum needed.

How do I take advantage of the free CF card offer?

You may request your CF card from the Neuros CF Card Request website.

What should I do when I want to upgrade my CF card to higher capacity or if the current CF card does not boots?



Error messages

"You are updating to a version that requires a CF-card (128MB or larger) as permanent program storage, please make sure your CF-card with enough capacity is plugged in then retry."

If you receive this error message even after you have plugged in the included 128MB card (sold after November 2007) or one that you supplied yourself, you must upgrade to the latest pre-Arizona firmware before upgrading to Arizona.

Please follow the instructions above to upgrade to the latest pre-Arizona release before upgrading to Arizona.

"The required external CF-card storage is missing or corrupted, please verify then reboot, or reboot to try emergency software upgrade."

If you receive this error message, you attempted to upgrade to Arizona before correctly upgrading to the latest pre-Arizona version. This is true even if the OSD had rebooted once during the upgrade and moved into the second Pong count-up game.

Please follow the instructions above to upgrade to the latest pre-Arizona release before upgrading to Arizona.

If, after following these steps you still receive this error message, it is possible that your CompactFlash card is corrupt. Please try the above steps again with a different CompactFlash card.

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