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Other Names: Tom Bruno
Where to Find: IRC, Mailing List
Areas of Expertise: C,C++,Qt4,Linux Sysadmin
Secondary Expertise: KDE,Recording Studio
Member Since: Aug 2006
Group Membership: OSD Beta, IRC, ML
Accomplishments: OSD Init System, OSD samba windows connectivity, Documentation Updates
Primary Products: OSD, Neuros442
Other Communities: KCLug,
Location: Southern Illinios University Carbondale IL, 5 hours south of Chicago


OSD Work

Google Summer of Code Mentor for Neuros 2007, 2008

Documenting Neuros-Cooler

Spring cleaning the OSD Subversion tree.

Release of windows filesharing (samba) NAS featured firmware.

Debian/Ubuntu apt-repo containing Neuros OSD development packages for firmware releases, libraries, toolchains, and other utilities.

Release scratchbox development system in Virtual Machine to make software compilation easy for common users.

Wrote OSD init script system for boot up and service management

Writing OSD network system for linux network management.

Built/Ported Qtopia4 to OSD with Neuros-bsp toolchain

Development of TopiaPlayer, Qtopia4 based IPod/Amarok looking music player for PC and OSD.

Developing independent Qt4 Main Application that has functionality and looks like MythTV.

Released compiled ftpd server for OSD for usage in simple ftp based NAS

Release one of, if not the first Unofficial firmware package for the osd to add smb/windows file sharing support to all those that are waiting.

My OSD Workspace:


CRWeb Hits the BigTime! Receives $500!

OSD as Network Attached Storage Device

FTP Server on the OSD

Scratchbox for the OSD

Scratchbox Torrent and Initial Release

Qt4 On the OSD

New init System

Samba Client on OSD

Unofficial Samba Firmware

My First Day With Neuros, The start of something great

Crweb Joins Fulltime

My Hardware

  • Intel Core 2 Quad 9650, 8 gigs ram used for VM hosting of all development systems.
  • Neuros Link, Upgraded Ram, 6x1TB drives in raid6 used for storage and distribution mirroring.
  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 4 gigs ram - used for amd64 distcc cloud
  • P4 3.4ghz northwood, 2gigs ram - Used for Fiancee's workstation
  • Pentium M 1.73ghz Toshiba Tecra M4-S345 Tablet PC - Used for development on the road, taking notes in class and Solitare during lectures.

  • G3-400mhz iMac, used for cross-development.

Neuros Hardware

Neuros Link Neuros OSD2 I have a Neuros OSD (obviously) for ARM based cpu cross-development.
Neuros Recorder 2+ Neuros442 ( to output OSD video to a device I can see it on)

My Interests

Linux Distribution Development Qt/Qtopia4 Embedded software development, Medical Office Management Software, Gaming Console Hardware Emulation, Linux ThinClients, Linux from Scratch, GUI Development

Research Work

Database systems design, Graphical User Interface Design, Embedded Software Development, Artificial Intelligence and the self learning process, Human based sexual interaction, Fundemential interactions in relationship roles.

Misc Projects

  • Medical software for outpatient scheduling
  • Qt4 Media GUI ( Naveo Media Player )
  • Cloud based storage server system ( Naveoss )
  • System performance and scaling

My Notes

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