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Other Names: Garbage, Pablo
Where to Find: IRC
Areas of Expertise: C, Linux, Netadmin
Secondary Expertise:
Member Since: 2002?
Group Membership: all available
Accomplishments: too numerous to list..Main N2 hacker, Built OdNT from scratch
Primary Products: N1, N2, OSD
Other Communities:
Location: Spain

Aka, "Garbage" Probably the most important Neuros hacker in recent history. Hacked N1&N2 with limited tools and support including adding numerous features and fixes. More recently setup including Drupal, bugzilla, subversion, IRC logging, etc.

Was sidelined for much of 2005 with a severe stroke, but is currently recovering and becoming more active in the community once again. His determination in his recovery and his devotion to Neuros have been an inspiration to many community members, including founder Joe Born who cites that inspiration as "the number one reason I come to work everyday."

Garbage Returns!!!

Our new Linux Admin is Garbage!

Owner of multiple Neuros Devices (obviously it's the least we could do to keep him supplied with those) including

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