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Other Names: Gerry Boland
Where to Find: IRC, Forums
Areas of Expertise: Mathematics
Secondary Expertise: C,C++, cross-compiling
Member Since: 2006
Group Membership: Forum Moderator
Primary Products: OSD
Other Communities:
Location: Ireland

I discovered Neuros about 2006 and liked their open-source device ideology, and bought the OSD to support it - and of course also to enjoy my digital media on my TV. While messing with it, I learned a lot about linux and programming - the read-only filesystem protecting me from my tendency to break things accidentally. As I explored, I tried to share the handy info on the forums, and was happy to answer any questions that I could.

Now I'm a moderator for the OSD forums, have done a little C++ programming with Qt, and am quite adept at cross-compiling apps for the OSD. Some stuff I've done is available in my SVN: [1] I spent some time trying to get Webkit running on the OSD to some effect - Ravenexus did the job properly though. I've also messed with XMMS2, to try to get streaming audio going, as well as Recently, I tried writing an RSS Reader app (still not working), and am currently exploring a new toolchain to see if there's any performance benefits. Am also curious into getting the e17 libraries working on the OSD, as it might fancy up the UI (I'm not big fan of Qt performance on OSD1).

Spare time however is pretty scarce for me at the moment. But I did manage to tip along to Lugradio Live in July 2008.

Otherwise, I'm at the final stages of a PhD in mathematics, currently in the horrid position of needing to learn and use High Performance Computing techniques to justify a mathematical idea, because I can't prove it analytically. Am suspicious it is false too! Would be great if it's true though, my PhD would be in the bag.

So in 4-6 months time, will be looking for a job. Any takers? :)

Get on touch with me via IRC or on the Forums! Am happy to help with any problems, or even just for a chat.

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