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Here's my page and random stuff about me. I'm a Neuros employee, focused on new products, strategy and all the business stuff surrounding running a small hardware company. I'm not a hacker (so I didn't give myself a hackerprofile box) but I try to support the community as best I can on a company level. Make sure folks have sharp pencils, etc.

I have a real passion for open innovation and preaching the gospel about what I've learned about innovating in today's flat, global world

License plate 75.JPG


Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have my share of Miscellaneous thoughts, most of which I share on OdNT I guess some of the more important (to me anyway) are:

My People Something powerful is happening in the world, that we're just starting to notice.

Thoughts from Amsterdam Never stop believing that your own thoughts and feelings are important.

What is Luxury I believe that luxury is not about the things that please your touch or your eyes, but your heart.

College Is No Time For Studying I guess I'm just not a big fan of organized academia, particularly as to how it prepares you for today's "global economy"

Thanks For a Big Day It's really been a moving experience to be a part of this Community.

Friendship About commeraderie within the community

Garbage Returns The Story of Garbage aka DeepB has had a profound impact on me in many many ways.

My Neuros.TV

My username on Neuros.TV is JoeBorn. This is for chatting on the LINK and xfering files privately. See forum thread for discussion.

My Flickr

My YouTube

help us out by subscribing to my videos!

My Twitter

My Slashdot

I dunno, what other random stuff can I put up here?

My FaceBook

No idea what this does, or how it's used, but I'm sure it's fabulous. Please be my friend, I am lonely!


My Gear

Laptop: Dell Inspiron E1505 running ubuntu 9.10 (Win 7 dual boot).

Phone: Sprint Palm Pre I lost the Druish EVDO hack when I got rid of my E815, but hopefully I'll figure out how to tether my G1 before my next trip to China, where I really need it.

Phone#2: G1 T-Mobile, works great in China. I guess this phone is somewhat redundant now.

My Neuros Gear

Neuros LINK I've got a couple of these "in service" so to speak. My folks are using one and so's my ex. Still some bumps in the road, but the are getting good use out of them.

Neuros OSD I've actually managed to compile a program for the OSD, which is very exciting, see The Guide and follow the instructions for the virtual machine development to get started quickly.

N2 40GB with Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones (winter) and Shure E3c (summer)

vDrive 80GB using GoodSync for file sync

442 (w/ Transflash SD adapter)

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