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Other Names: John Olson
Where to Find:
Areas of Expertise: Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Human factors
Secondary Expertise:
Member Since: 2002
Group Membership: Neuros Chicago
Accomplishments: UI designer of N1,N2, Designed OSD housing and UI
Primary Products: OSD
Other Communities:
Location: Chicago, IL US

I am Neuros' Director of Design. Bug me if you want to talk about why something looks or works the way it does. I welcome any ideas and input about how to make our products better.

Video: How designers at LifeFitness Design something as "simple" as a seat where John (at his previous employer) talk about their design process.

I Designed the OSD as a volunteer, part-time designer and felt honored to accept the CE Innovations 2007 Honoree Award on behalf of the Neuros team and community.

My basic outlook on what I do: "Design has many meanings. A common misconception is to think of artistically originated design as decoration or styling. In similar terms, this would mean that programmers are typists.

In Neuros terms, the word Design can be meaningfully paired with concept, code, electrical, mechanical, packaging, web, and a few others. These are not separate items on a linear path, but rather intertwined elements of the resulting whole.

To me, the appearance of a product and its related materials is vitally important, but without the artful crafting of each element, the resulting whole will be meaningless and we will all need to get day jobs."

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