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One of the most prolific and creative hackers to grace Neuros with his presence. He's responsible for a lot of server side stuff that's really clever but hasn't reached public release yet, so if you're impressed now, hold on for what's coming JoeBorn 22:01, 17 November 2008 (EST)

OdNT Blog:

Remote Control of the OSD

Web Interface for OSD

MattJ and Greyback at Lugradio Live

Crowd Narration: The Future of TV

Duckling head.jpg
Other Names: Matthew Wild
Where to Find: IRC
Areas of Expertise: C/C++, Lua, Jabber/XMPP
Secondary Expertise:
Member Since: 2007
Group Membership:
Accomplishments: wooble, Lpkg
Primary Products: OSD
Other Communities: Jabber, Ubuntu
Location: UK
Website: Homepage, Blog

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