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Other Names: Michael Gao, Chairman Gao, swoag
Where to Find: mailing list, wiki, OdNT
Areas of Expertise: C, Architecture
Secondary Expertise: Linux
Member Since: 2001
Group Membership: China Internal Team
Accomplishments: Head of Internal Firmware Team since 2001
Primary Products: All
Other Communities: Fedora, Nano-X
Location: Xiamen, China

Michael Gao,

  • Chairman of Neuros' China division, currently located in the high tech torch software park beautiful Xiamen, China. (Chairman Gao is his nickname, but please don't be confused, he's the head of our firmware division)
  • Chief Code maintainer and laison with internal firmware programmers
  • Author of the original Neuros code
  • Enthusiastically hosts a weekly IRC meeting called Breakfast or Lunch with the Chairman, check for upcoming times
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