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Other Names: Improv, Pat Gunn
Where to Find: AIM:dachte000, rarely IRC
Areas of Expertise: wikimedia, Netadmin
Secondary Expertise: C, Perl, Unix
Member Since:
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Accomplishments: setup this wiki, server, misc help here and there
Primary Products: N2, OSD
Other Communities:
Location: PA, USA

My name's Pat Gunn. I'm a long-time Unix geek/sysadmin/systems programmer with all the associated skills. I've been part of the free software movement for many years, and have been involved with XFree86, NoWonder, the Mozilla Project, Wikipedia, PerlMonks, CPAN, Lokigames, and several other projects/groups in one fashion or another. I'm equally adept at coding and documenting things, and am interested in helping out with Neuros stuff because I like open hardware/software and projects/companies that embrace them.



  • Neuros II (60G) - I have a Neuros II that I'm quite fond of. I'm strongly interested in the Neuros III and 440v2, because I want to play with the betas and write software for them
  • Laptop - HP dv8000z 17" AMD64 laptop running a current release of Fedora
  • Neuros OSD - Got this to work on systems stuff for neuros hardware. Will also use it to digitise my videocasette collection



I also have a website.

I do my best to keep the wiki (runs MediaWiki) free of linkspam, and otherwise mop up brokenness. If you have any wiki-related requests, drop me a note. If I have blocked your IP/username because of spam, and you're not actually spamming, drop me a note.


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