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Other Names: Michael Rose, Velox
Where to Find: IRC, ML
Areas of Expertise: Linux, Network Administration, PHP, Web Development
Secondary Expertise: Ruby, C
Member Since: 2006
Group Membership: OSD Gamma, IRC, OdNT, Wiki, OdNT Netadmin
Primary Products: OSD
Other Communities: CodingForums(Velox Letum)
Location: Colorado, United States

Hello, I'm Xorlev here at OdNT and the Freenode #neuros IRC channel. I'm a student and web developer/programmer whose just getting into system programming/embedded development with the OSD. As I heard from many it would appear that getting the OSD running and helping develop it will help me learn to apply my knowledge of C and really learn to use it. I also hope to learn driver development and kernel programming with my OSD, and possibly become a worthwhile contributor to the OSD and other projects such as the N3.

My Equipment

Desktop 3.00ghz Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB Corsair XMS2 8500C5D, 3 Seagate 320GB 7200.10 SATA2 (PRT) running in a RAID5 configuration using Gentoo Linux.

Laptop 1.86ghz Intel Pentium M, 2GB PC2-4200 RAM, running Kubuntu Dapper.

Neuros OSD What else to say other than cool? :)

Dead iPod Photo 30gb Looking forward to replacing it with the N3! Seeing as it died and all.

OSD Projects

On hold, pending real life.

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