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How to put video on the PSP with PSP Video 9:

PSP Video 9 is a big name in free PSP video conversion software for the PC. According to their forum, the name may change to Videora IC2, but under any name the function is to provide a specialized solution for moving video onto the PSP.

PSP video 9 Main Page

Necessary Components:

  • Sony PSP
  • PSP Video 9 software
  • MemoryStick Pro/Duo (512MB+ recommended)
  • Source Video

Step 1:

  • Download and setup PSP Video 9. The software is available here. Follow the installation instructions. If you don't have the Microsoft CLR, it will be automatically installed during the installation process.

Step 2:

  • Once you have the program installed, either connect your PSP via USB or insert the Memory Stick into your card reader. Make sure beforehand that it is properly formatted. Run PSP Video 9.

Step 3:

  • If you are using a card reader rather than directly connecting your PSP, you will need to specify at what drive and folder your Memory Stick is located.

Step 4:

  • To convert video now, click on the Convert menu on the left of the screen, and then click the One-click transcode button.

Step 5:

  • Now, select the video file you'd like to convert. The program will convert your video.

Step 6:

  • Click the Copy button on the left. At this point, select the video file you just created from the PC section of the screen, and hit Copy Video to PSP. The software will now move the video onto your PSP Memory Stick, provided there is enough free space.

Step 7:

  • Either disconnect your PSP from the PC or put the Memory Stick from the PC into the PSP. Browse to the Video folder and you should see a thumbnail of your newly copied video. Enjoy!

Time: ~25 minutes

 * Free
 * Specifically designed for PSP video conversion
 * Use is limited to PSP video conversion
 * Must create or download own video files
 * User responsible for downloading 3rd party software components
 * Not usable for other portables such as iPod, PDAs
 * Slow

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