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Using Quicktime Pro 7.03+ to put video on your iPod

This is naturally the easiest software to use for converting video to iPod-compatible formats. Assuming you have installed and upgraded to Quicktime Pro 7.03, there are only a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the program. Now, load your (quicktime-playable) movie in QT.

Step 2: Go to File - Export, and choose a location for your converted movie.

Step 3: Select the iPod output format, "Movie to iPod". Hit "Save".

Step 4: Wait for it to encode, and when it's done, drag the file to iTunes, from where you can move it to your iPod.

*No guesswork
*Designed to be simple
*Costs $30.00
*Very little control over output quality
*Input formats limited

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