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Neuros Technology | Products: LINK, OSD, Tablet | Developers

Welcome to Neuros Development

Tux likes Neuros


The Platform : Neuros OSD

Neuros LINK

Help documenting needed, but for the most part, you can use the Ubuntu 8.10 documents since LINK runs it. For starters, I'll post LINK repositories

OSD 1.0

OSDwAcc wiki.png
Neuros is a company and community building open electronic devices. We have focused on preparing the first product based on a platform with Neuros Linux built on a dual core Texas Instruments Multimedia DM320 Processor: the Neuros OSD.

There is a whole portal page dedicated to development on the OSD: The OSD 1.0 Developer Home: this is the one stop shop for development information, documentation and guides for OSD developers. It's also home of the Guide to Hacking the OSD, our main developer guide.

Ingenient Technologies is the BSP (board support package) vendor, which includes modifications to a Linux 2.6 kernel and proprietary binary codecs that leverage the DSP core of the processor. For more generic information on the platform, see DM320 Platform development.

OSD 2.0

Work has also begun on the next generation OSD 2.0 Platform. This is high def capable version based on TI's Davinci Chipset and using VLC as the playback engine. Internal samples are just being released, with a developer kit coming approximately End of June.

OSD 3.0

As of summer '09, Neuros and TI started a cooperation developing the OSD3.0 based off the next generation davinci SoC. Product is not expected to launch for > 1 year, but TI and Neuros are actively soliciting input in the meantime. See OSD3 topic on the forums.

The Resources

The Neuros online community provides many resources:

Neuros Development Wiki

  • Neuros Development Wiki
    • Currently being written by crweb (Tom) these pages are for those wanting to dig deeper into both development and programming for libraries and applications on the Neuros Platforms.


Mailing List (Google Groups)

  • - General Development
    • To subscribe via e-mail, send to
    • Online at Google Groups: Neuros
  • - Public(Read-Only) Patch & Review
    • To subscribe via e-mail, send to
    • Online at Google Groups: Neuros-Patches


Bug Tracking

  • Neuros Bugzilla:
    • Tracks all bugs and enhancement requests (including hardware and software)
    • It's very important that everyone feel free to contribute bugs and comments. This allows Neuros to have accurate feedback and for you to participate in design decisions.
    • Only requests in this database get systematically reviewed with each new design planning period; all official changes happen after reviewing the information in this database

Source Control

  • Subversion (SVN): svn:// (also
    • Main place for Neuros code, including the custom kernel, drivers and UI code
    • WebSVN access:
    • Repositories include:
      • Nano-X: Microwindows for the Neuros (akin to an X server); see README
      • neuros-bsp: Board support package by Ingenient Technologies (modified U-Boot and Linux kernel, also binary drivers for the DSP core); see README
      • Neuros-Cooler: Shared Neuros libraries and widget/GUI framework; see README
    • The following requirements/steps will get you write permission to the repository:
      • Willingness to follow the very minimum requirements each time before you commit code to trunk: send out patch and make sure it is reviewed by the maintainer first.
      • Send your request to project maintainer (mgao at neuros dot us).

The People

A handful of developers are Neuros employees, but many are simply passionate hackers (in the "experienced programmer" sense). Neuros is generally promoting an open and transparent atmosphere, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute in their way.

If you need to contact an administrator, look for:

Open source contributors and advanced users:

Neuros also has an internal team spread across the world.

  • The Xiamen Team includes:
    • Corlin: Team Manager and Head of Schedules
    • Terry Qiu (Developer): uboot & updater
    • Frank Xue (Developer): build system & gerneral development
    • John Wu (Developer): kernel space, uboot, ubl
    • Welsy Xie (Developer): GUI, userspace
    • Peter Qiu: Network administrator, release builder



Please see Developer FAQ.

This wiki is user updated and the information here cannot be considered official Neuros communication

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