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Technical Glossary

Everybody uses acronyms in the consumer electronics market. We have gathered most of the information you might be interested in in this document. You will not only be able to know what these acronyms stand for, but will also learn more about the world of digital files and compression, if you wish. As you can see we used Wikipedia, the open source encyclopedia, as a resource. Feel free to edit this page and add links to this list.

What is a CPU?

What is a Codec?

Find a list of audio and video Codecs here[1]

What is a video codec?

Find a list of video file formats here[2]

What is an audio codec?

Find a list of audio format here[3]

What do Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Advanced Audio Coding Low Complexity (AAC-LC) mean?

What does MP3 Mean?

What does MPEG-4 mean?

Learn more about MPEG-4 SP (Simple Profile) and ASP (Advanced Simple Profile) here[4]

What is Audio Video Interface(AVI)?

What is Windows Media Video (WMV)?

What is Windows Media Audio (WMA)?

What does ASF mean?

What is Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM)?

What is DivX?

What is XviD?

What is G.726?

What is Video Graphic Array VGA?

What is Quarter Video Graphic Array (QVGA)?


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